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India’s INS Chakra At Sea

Sexy video of INS Chakra at sea. The video features Indian Navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma and Eastern Naval commander Vice Admiral Anil Chopra on board the submarine as it enters Indian waters.

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  • Usanath Maitra says:

    I am ex-submariner and I would like to watch these types of Submarine videos and remember my active actions on board Submarines

  • Joker says:

    They did not gave it away. The Indian navy has leased it for 10 years and have paid $670.000.000 for that privilege.

  • rustyblade5 says:

    sexub at its best!

  • Ged R says:

    It's russian sub Typhoon 

  • Anurag Kumar says:

    Moreover I don’t see anyone crying over there huge manufacturing industry coming in to India and taking over all our local industries and destroying them, so why make a fuss when our work force goes there and takes off some of there jobs? Its part of having an open market, every coin has two sides.

  • AuroraS 92 says:

    true…we do their jobs and take less than half of their salary…if they would not have outsourced,they would have run into losses…our cost of living is much lower than western countries, where luxury can be afforded by all..

  • sun blaze says:

    America can never be an ally to anyone its on a path of destruction reember genocides of 1971 bangladesh war us supported pakistan while knowing the deadly genocide done by his close ally.

  • rajdeepak singh says:

    Did everyone forgot about India's own Arihant-class submarine nuclear being inducted and three more to be completely inducted in 2016.

  • Ambiguityish says:

    now china will copy and make a duplicate with 3 months warranty 

  • eplatel1 says:

    Did not give it away… In the past the Indian navy used a Charlie class sub.. And this.. They paid quite some oney to lease the sub… It's not theirs… And there is not even a complete transfer of technology. However, this will serve as great platform for Indian navy to build their own nuclear sub!
    But this is pretty damn cool that the Indian navy have a nuclear sub (Again)!!

  • Amit Vyas says:

    Why?Has the McDonalds that you work as a waiter in closed down?

  • Watchyourselvez says:

    It's kinda sad that the Russians gave away this Akula submarine…

  • Factual Dosage says:

    Nothing's safe from iPhones, Facebook, and YouTube these days … NOTHING … !!! xD

  • Factual Dosage says:

    It has definite advantages over the early LA class, and may be comparable to both the 'improved' LA class, and the Virginia class, where submarine versus submarine warfare is concerned. The Sea Wolf is probably in yet another league altogether, although there are only three of the Sea Wolf class, and America and India are allies in very good standing anyhow.

  • solar99991 says:

    There is no detection system on a kilvaterny trace, is similar we don't put it for export.

  • solar99991 says:

    This is Akula II not Victor.

  • Anurag Kumar says:

    I will give you a simple logic: No outsourcing = Companies Bankrupt due to high coast of production = more unemployment at your place. Please don’t take it the wrong way but I know outsourcing has made it hard for you guys but at the same time has kept many companies alive without which your economy would have even more trouble.

  • Anurag Kumar says:

    With all due respect who said Indians r stealing ur jobs? Is India putting gun on your governments head to outsource job?? That happens because India provides quality work at a competitive price. Have u ever thought that may be most of ur companies r able to survive because they outsource work rather than getting it done there at prices they can’t afford. Outsourcing in turn keeps this companies alive there by providing jobs to what so ever % of population working in those companies at ur place.

  • Rajendra Savarkar says:

    lol…… can u make out the technology just by seeing from outside. all subs look almost same :)

  • vinit Doshi says:

    arent they supposed to be classified

  • vinit Doshi says:

    how do u manage to get these clips

  • centurion180ad says:

    Hello Victor.

    So, here you are again.

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