INDIAN NAVY Captures Somali Pirates

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Indian Navy Foils Somali Pirate Attack & Seized 26 Somali Pirates.
indian navy vs somali pirates
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44 thoughts on “INDIAN NAVY Captures Somali Pirates

  1. Pathetic or maybe the worst navy.Why are some of the men nor wearing uniforms?Why is that men holding that old rusty rifle on a naval Ship?They don't know the proper way of escorting a terrorist.Untrained yet undisciplined men.The need to be trained by our U.S Navy.Work on your law enforcing forces.But they still put on a funny hilarious show.Never expected this by India.Disappointed ?

  2. 103:145 Just look at the condition of the ship.Undisciplined and some are not wearing their uniforms.I was getting the feeling that the pirate would snatch the rifle and kill them.Indian Navy needs training from the U.S Navy.They had to escort him in a proper way.

  3. These fishermen has no any weapon on their hands or in boat why Indian navy arresting these somalia fishermen? it's injestice

  4. These fishermen has no any weapon on their hands or in boat why Indian navy arresting these somalia fishermen it's injestice

  5. we will keep in somalia water inshallah and fuck indian we will making power of punsh the indain people .good luck for somalia people

  6. lobe somai prates they are indians so u said somalian why somali pratess came indian ships they capture arab or westrn ships not inddians

  7. PIRATE :- please let us go?
    SOLDIER :- can you find Captain Jack Sparrow for me ??
    PIRATE:- No?
    SOLDIER :- Arrest these mother fuckers!?

  8. Ideally navy should have killed them & arranged for burial at sea without much fuss after taking videos of capture/ arrest with finger printing etc.

  9. Mere Bharat Mahan.
    Just for plot twist, the officers should have screamed allah hu akbar and shot them after lining them up.

  10. Wish one day every one in the world live in prosperity without crime and war. We should spread peace ,and love through out for the betterment of Humanity.

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