Indian Army Is In ‘No [email protected], No Peace’ Mode In Doklam

Indian Army Is In ‘No [email protected], No Peace’ Mode In Doklam.

The Indian Army is in a ‘no [email protected], no peace’ mode against the Chinese military in Doklam and status quo continues in the area, official sources said today.

They said there has been no specific movement of troops and weapons by the Indian Army in the area, adding whatever “movement” is taking place is for maintenance purpose.

Asked specifically about reports of sending of troops from the Sukna-based 33 Corps to Doklam, the sources said there has been no enhancement of army personnel in the India- Bhutan-China trijunction.

“We are in no [email protected] no peace mode in Doklam,” the sources said.

In military parlance, no [email protected], no peace mode refers to a confrontation or face-off position with enemies.

India and China have been locked in a face-off in the Doklam area of the Sikkim sector for 50 days after Indian troops stopped the Chinese Army from building a road in the area.

China claimed it was constructing the road within their territory and has been demanding immediate pull-out of the Indian troops from the disputed Doklam plateau. Bhutan says Doklam belongs to it but China claims it to be its territory and says Thimphu has no dispute with Beijing over it.

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4 thoughts on “Indian Army Is In ‘No [email protected], No Peace’ Mode In Doklam

  1. War is imminent, china have already declared in the name of cpec, china cannot avoid it as it poured large amounts as it is its prime goal to be achieved to rule the world. China fell in its own web. India will liberate Tibet.

  2. India should do war with China to suppress threats from it and pak terror, because India spend trillions of ? of amount for weapons for countering these countries, other wise India could have used this much amt of money for development of india. if India did not war with China ,china won't fear and produce immense threat which is good for pakis, so again we will spend huge amt of money and India will remain throughout as underdeveloped country.

  3. Fcku Indian Army don,t sit silence go and chop the Chinese Chickens….Don,t be impotent…..Lions army don,t sit silence go and chop the Chinese Chickens badly and make their land a land of Kabarstaan where dead bodies were lying and Crocodiles Vultures will enjoy their meal….Remember We are Lions Army and lions don,t scare from Pigs Loru Army…..Adios

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