India Without Aircraft Carrier For 8 Months INS Vikramaditya Goes For Re-Fit

This video shows you that India Without Aircraft Carrier For 8 Months INS Vikramaditya Goes For Re-Fit.

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India thinks of itself as an emerging superpower but does not have a single operational aircraft carrier as of now. Its solitary aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya, will be ready for action only after eight months due its ongoing maintenance refit.
More alarmingly, the 44,570-tonne INS Vikramaditya will in all probability have to soldier on alone for the next six-seven years. In its report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, the CAG said the already long-delayed 40,000-tonne indigenous aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, will be ready only by 2023 as per its constructor Cochin Shipyard.
Nothing projects raw combat power like an aircraft carrier prowling on the high seas, ready to unleash its fighter jets and mi$$iles against any adversary. So, whenever the US launches a military strike, or flies the flag against a belligerent China in the South China Sea, it turns to its 10 Nimitz-class nuclear-powered “super-carriers” deployed around the globe. China, too, visualizes aircraft carriers as “symbols of a great nation”.
India, however, continues to flounder in first formulating and then executing long term strategic plans in tune with its geopolitical aspirations. The Navy for long has been demanding three aircraft carriers, one each for the western and eastern sea-boards, with the third being under refit at any given time. But the CAG report, with a detailed critique of the shoddy planning and project execution in INS Vikrant’s construction, junks the notion of even a two-carrier force till 2023.
Moreover, the report says the MiG-29K fleet – India ordered 45 fighters from Russia for $2 billion for INS Vikramaditya and INS Vikrant – is “riddled with problems” due to defects in the fighter air frames, RD-33 MK engines and fly-by-wire systems. Consequently, the serviceability or operational availability of MiG-29Ks is pathetic – ranging from just 15.93 per cent to 37.63 per cent.

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7 thoughts on “India Without Aircraft Carrier For 8 Months INS Vikramaditya Goes For Re-Fit

  1. Again refit !!!, Was it necessary to disclose this news, Cochin yard good enough to build fishng boats not carriers, they should have delayed viraats retirement, now its not 5th largest Navy may be 10th. Chinese 2nd Carrier already launched, India shud buy not make if dey are so slow.

  2. kerala. w bungalow. tripura r communist states either they r in power or in opposition the worker's working in the shipyards have a very strong communist mindset they work on a limited time work there have been many trade union issues in this project it was a foolish idea to have such a large project in such states had this project been in goa.maharastra.gujrat.or andhra things would have gone faster this is typical appeasement culture our political organisations follow since Chutiya Anthony is from kerala so favoured his state I have no offence to keraliets ISRO is doing very well in trivandram but not any manufacturing units

  3. There is nothing to shout that india will not be having its aircraft carrier as when INS vikramaditya was not there ,their was only INS Virrat and the ship took more the 10 months to repair and still the INDIAN navy was normal

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