India SuccessfullyTest Fires Brahmos Missile From Su-30MKI | China Worried! | Latest Video

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 22 November 2017
India today successfully test fired Brahmos  supersonic cruise missile from Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jet that can take down aircraft carrier without being detected by a missile defence system. The test now renders a potent capability to Indian Air Force (IAF) to launch counter attack on hostile (say Chinese) aircraft carriers in a war situation. China since 2014 onwards alone has conducted 7 tests of its hypersonic glide vehicle Wu-14 (DF-ZF) that also can attack any aircraft carrier across globe, a US China Economic Security Review Commission submitted its report to US Congress a few back (Read story). National Defence 2 years back alerted through its reported on Chinese developing capability in a video story. (Watch Video). Read full story at:

Индия успешно проведет испытания сверхзвуковой крылатой ракеты «Брахмос» из истребителя «Сухой-30МКИ»


Indien erfolgreich Test-Brände Brahmos Überschall Cruise Missile von Sukhoi-30MKI Kampfjet


L’Inde a testé avec succès le missile de croisière supersonique brahmos à partir de l’avion de chasse Sukhoi-30MKI

L’india ha provato con successo i missili da crociera brahmos supersonic cruise dal jet da combattimento Sukhoi-30MKI

الهند بنجاح اختبار حرائق براهموس صواريخ كروز الأسرع من الصوت من طائرة مقاتلة سوخوي -30MKI

بھارت نے سکوئی 30 کلومیٹر لڑاکا جیٹ سے برہموز سپرسونک کروز میزائل کو کامیابی سے آزمائشی

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34 thoughts on “India SuccessfullyTest Fires Brahmos Missile From Su-30MKI | China Worried! | Latest Video

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  2. Jin desho ko angrejo se nafrat karna chahiye thi woh aps m lad rha h dimag toh angrejo m tha , koi ek nh milega India Pakistan m jo angrejo ko Gali de

  3. Indians tumhari maa hum chodain gy.. 2007 main ALCM Pakistan k pass Tha

    Babur missile tumhari gand main ho ga..aur Ababeel MIRV tumhari bar bar choday ga

  4. Feeling proud its worlds top missile fastest deadleast but modi ji made mistake by not opting for tech transfer in jet deal…we could have bought russian jets cause we have built mig 21 and have experience in russian jets..manfacture or maintainance..the european jets are quite different..even new training skills will be needed cause we have developed skills for migs and sukhaois russian jets…modi ji want jus want jets to showcase before lok sabha polls..i bet they will be election propaganda

  5. BrahMos !!! Naam to Suna hoga Porkiyo…Tumhare liye to bus ye naam hi kafi hai Pakiyo khauf khane ke Liye..Long Live Indo Rus Friendship. BrahMos to ek advanced missile hai.Real missael to Hamary Army hai salo jisne tumhari 4 baar chudake thoka hai……Jai Hind.

  6. good luck, all indian, you deseeve your pround, my question is why you have to involve us for every one of your achivement?

  7. News is correct but video is of other country, because we have saffron, white and green colours flag , and on tale wing it has red and white and black colours, never the less there is a red star beneath cockpit plz go through, and this show that you don't have any knowledge and you do not belongs to a cultural society, I have spend my life in Indian air force , and you all civilians simply barking about defence when even you can't walk on the defence road because that road is strictly mentioned for defence personals,and there are signs boards on roads ,like: this road belongs to Indian air force,prohibited area , I am Danm sure that you even can walk on that road trhough your life end. Plz have some manners while typing ,don't be illiterate.

  8. I am an Indian , I like India and even I have studied from Indian air force , I am highly educated in terms of defence so , if the video would be of Indian air force certainly I would have been liked it al the way from my heart ,but I hate fair videos ,and certainly it doesn't belongs to us , plz educate yourself

  9. Maja ayeg ye missile pakistan pe fire karne me .
    Pakistan ki gand fat gayee hai itni takad dekh ke.
    pakistani khali park army pak airforce pak navy ki badi bat kar ke .pak army ke gandu darpok anpadh fouj pe badi akad karti hai.
    India kabhi bhi bate nahi war ko jeetne ki takad rakhata hai .

    Ajooo maidain me pakistani kutto suvar ki aulad gand marke leneko

    Jai hind
    indian army jindabad

  10. Pak must be worried, but not the Chinese , China's nuclear capability and ICBM range is far more superior than the Indians counterparts. This missiles is just a toy when compared to Chinese defense tech. India need to go a long way to go to manufacture our own arms and defense equip , but due to corruption and low investments , it not going to happen in near or far future.

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