The north of Norway has been the training ground of the Royal Marines and their support arms for more than 45 years. But the Arctic doesn’t discriminate, and that’s why every man on Exercise Clockwork must go through the cold weather survival course.

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24 thoughts on “In The Freezer: Royal Marines Train To Fight In The Arctic | Forces TV

  1. You go on a video like this and you always see the Russian Bots out in action in the comments section.

  2. Thats the mandatory 5 day survival course. They are not doing the cold weather warfare course which is 4 weeks.

  3. This is whu Royal Marines are supperior to US Marines on so many levels.

    Royal Marines can be dropped by parachute anywhere in the World at a moments notice and fight with elite training. This includes into the sea with frogman gear on, on a mountain side, in the Arctic, the desert, the Jungle and urban warfare in cities.

    US Marines don't even parachute. At best they're not even on par with our Paras … What makes our Paras better than a US Marine? The Paras are dropped behind enemy lines with zero support with nothing but a backpack and a rifle. Their job is to attack from the rear to give the front attack a better chance. The survival expectation of a Para is 20 minutes. US marines always attack with superior numbers, they saturate the enemy after air strikes and missile strikes have cleared the way for them. They are supported by helecopter gunships.

    Paras have no such back up. They have their training, small numbers, maroon beret's so they can stand out for the enemy rifle sights, they float in the air like sitting ducks, and they have their balls. They are mentally programmed to kill and destroy. Very violent troops wired to the max. I liken them to the Berserker shock troops of the vikings.

  4. Was that an NCO messing with an Orificer? My god!!! What are Her Majesties forces coming to?
    Or was that Sgt the young Orificer's batman?

  5. I live in Colorado for my hole life Respect for anybody that fights or goes to work when is below zero .you really learn what you are made of and how strong your mind is i Cycle rain or snow im crazy like that .

  6. Not just the Royal Marines. AMF(L) was a massive organization established to give a one-two punch to anyone who attacvked a NATO country or ally in the 70's to 90's. We all got cold annually!

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