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Hurricane Irma devastates western coast of Florida

ABC News’ David Muir reports from Naples, Florida, where winds from Irma topped 142 mph and a door at a local shelter cracked under pressure from the wind.

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  • CleR ReAPER says:

    just a regular day

    in Florida, nothing new. but tbh the hurricane was overrated I didn't see as much destruction
    as what Andrew did and they said it would be stronger, sure it packed a punch but could have been allot

  • Sleep No More says:

    1. The damage was not that bad, as i have lived through 2 cat 4's prior to Irma. One of which was a direct hit.

    2. Stop spreading outright garbage and propaganda reporting it as news. News and Media does nothing but fear monger and report something thats so far from reality, but hey if fiction and over exaggeration is your thing its shameful.

    3. Florida was extremely blessed that the storm weakened. And by the way, have the balls to headline your video accurately, The Florida Keys and the Southern Tip would have been Truthful instead of deceptive to get video hits.

  • infinity and beyond says:

    God bless the people ! buy bitcoin, FUCK THE GOVERNMENT.

  • Din MS says:

    God's wrath. Too many Godless people. Mar-a-Lago is hwvr saved by the grace of God.

  • TBT says:

    Thats nothing. Fake and green screen vfx effects.

  • anarchitect says:

    natures way of cleansing itself

  • John Jauregui says:

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  • songbyrd5 says:

    Honestly, it is SO STUPID for the networks to require their reporters to be out in these storms. More DRAMA than news…BS! SHAME ON YOU News Media! Sensationalism more important to you than the lives of your own people! FAIL! 🙁

  • Angel Aguilar says:

    Come to San Diego! It is a beautiful day here today!

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