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Hurricane Irma Aftermath In the Lower Florida Keys – 9/10/2017

Apocalyptic scene across Florida Keys following devastating storm surge across Big Pine, Bahia Honda, Marathon, Duck, Long, and Lower Matecumbe Keys. Shots of heaps of interlaced debris and destruction, destroyed US Highway 1, stranded boats, obliterated neighborhoods, and scattered vehicles and belongings.

All footage shot during afternoon daylight on September 10, 2017 on/near Big Pine Key, Bahia Honda Key, Vaca Key including the town of Marathon, Duck Key, Long Key, and Lower Matecumbe Key by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer

Shot List:
1-3. boats stranded on dry US Highway 1 after a significant storm surge swept them onto the highway in Big Pine Key

4 & 5. shots of huge interwoven mass of debris over US Highway 1 in Big Pine Key; Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer were forced to dig and move large areas of debris by hand to progress through the virtual obstacle course to continue moving through the Keys

6. shot of storm surge water and debris flowing over US Highway 1 in Big Pine Key as Hurricane Irma moves away from the Keys

7. shot of wrecked ship from huge storm surge and high winds of Hurricane Irma on Big Pine Key

8. shot of virtual obstacle course of debris on US Highway 1 near Big Pine Key; Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer moved trees and debris by hand to create a path of evacuation from the island

9. SUV wrecked against debarked vegetation following deadly storm surge and intense winds of Hurricane Irma on Big Pine Key

10. “Bahia Honda State Park” sign surrounded by damage on Bahia Honda Key; there was extensive damage to the state park making some areas nearly unrecognizable and impossible to navigate. Debris from park facilities, campground, and picnic areas were strewn with dead sea life and coral on US Highway 1 from a devastating storm surge.

11. shot of destroyed section of northbound US Highway 1 on Bahia Honda Key; Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer were forced to drive on a pedestrian foot path to navigate around the damaged road

12 & 13. shots of a destroyed SUV from a devastating storm surge on Bahia Honda Key; shows the raw power of a massive storm surge

14-16. various shots of dozens of trailers tossed and destroyed in a trailer park on Bahia Honda Key from powerful high winds

17. obliterated homes in Marathon FL (Vaca Key) from deadly storm surge

18 & 19. shots of roofless auto parts store in Marathon FL

20. homes, outbuildings and furniture scattered on and over US Highway 1 from massive storm surge on Duck Key FL

21. shed moved to opposite side of US Highway 1 from its original site by a powerful storm surge on Duck Key

22. expensive sports car destroyed and mixed with other storm surge debris on US Highway 1 on Long Key FL

23. limousine stranded and damaged in middle of US Highway 1 by devastating storm surge on Lower Matecumbe Key FL

25. House moved nearly a hundred meters from its original foundation across US Highway 1 by a powerful storm surge

26 & 27. SUV, trailer, and large meat smoker stranded and partially buried by deep sand deposits over US Highway 1 on Lower Matecumbe Key

28. front loader moves large deposits of sand from large storm surge on Lower Matecumbe Key

29. pushed-in shot of FIRST outside (the Keys) first responders attempting to go into the Keys. These trucks were followed by long trains of police, fire, and ambulance brigades on their way to help the middle and lower keys.

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  • Gcal1956 says:

    Looks like the walking dead show. We're are the zombies ?

  • Taylor Rizer says:

    If your still in the area, have a bud with two boats tied up between the sea center and the first house behind it on cahill. Hes kinda anxious, just wondering if you could check it out

  • Kort Kramer says:

    We feel so bad for the Keys.

  • Peter Oman says:


  • Lee Curt says:

    Noticed the Mainstream Media played the damage down. They do this so they can justify the Evil they bring to the public so no one will respect, and give Glory to God.

  • Fiona jordan says:


  • Xperia Zip says:

    Why would people leave their vehicles rather than pack them full of belongs and drive them off the islands? People knew this storm was coming days in advance. Insurance shouldn't pay them a dime.

  • joan hall says:

    Absolutely devastating.

  • Manuel Haro says:

    this is all cgi

  • GavinCoolGuy says:

    Where are all these boats going?

  • dewdewdewdewdful says:

    This is some cute shit if your'e from Japan.

  • csurrel says:

    CAT 5 hurricane. Two weeks notice to evac. . . "I had to move branches by hand, this bullshit."

  • hebneh says:

    The black stretch limo stuck across the highway was a memorable image.

  • Дикая орхидея Wildorchid says:

    Thanks for video, you are brave guy, Russia with you

  • amat Allah kuwait says:

    God protect you all 🇰🇼❤️😢🇺🇸

  • Stefan Sekovski says:

    looks like on the set for Sharknado 69

  • Pgs Penang says:

    Almost similar to 2011Japan tsunami.

  • SAVAGE308SNIPER says:

    This is my everyday life. FML.

  • Jordan Gonyon says:

    Poor boats / campers and houses that people worked hard for 😩😭

  • Daniel Lissett says:

    We are all praying for you residents of Key West and Florida. May God give you strength and protection and the courage to rebuild and carry on. 🙏🏻

  • Helena Doodnath-Assue says:

    Waw, this is a hell of scene. I respect the forces of nature.

  • Lisa Oldwithsomanywhys says:

    Just devastating what y'all are going through… positive thoughts to y'all… take care & stay safe ✌️

  • Lindsay Shostal says:

    The reason question: why are people trying to go through this, when they've been warning? You were warmed, and told how to prepare, but still, you venture out into out ….WHY>?????

  • jim priour says:

    Best video I've seen! The news and weather channels are really a joke these days. They stand in one spot in water and wind and talk. I love the keys and the people. God Bless from Texas and we pray that everyone is safe and you recover quickly!

  • Dan D says:

    Could be worse…

  • MasterNoob2344 says:

    Flying boat trying to fly to the future

  • Debbie Brewer says:

    Thank you for posting this. You just confirmed I lost 2 homes! I can't stop crying. My friends are gone. Words cannot express what I'm feeling right now. May god bless big pine.

  • Kenneth Lloyd says:

    Lots of work to be done

  • blastman8888 says:

    Checking all the NWS weather stations didn't see any gust past 80mph most sustained winds were around 65 mph news media over hypes everything

  • elizabeth hollins says:

    Is there not a way to better attach homes to their foundations?

  • TheCarnivalguy says:

    Thank you for this video. I used to live in Marathon, and it's heart breaking to see this devastation. I hope that those who decided to stay are okay.

  • Gerry minbar07 says:

    Humans emit 60 times more co2 and sulfur than volcanoes every year. Yes of course when a volcano erupts big, it contributes the same if not more. But how often do we see these big eruptions?

    Earth is a living bio-dome with a delicately balanced atmosphere. Any insult to it brings forth a correction, and the bigger and prolonged the insult, the bigger and prolonged the correction.

    What I find disturbing is how small minded and ignorant of the cosmos people are. In this solar system, we are the only habitable planet yet we crap on it everyday. Even with the new planets we discover everyday that have a Goldilocks zone, we are finding it does not easily translate to earth. Instead Goldilocks may mean an ice cold rock with Oxygen, or one where winds and storms are over 500miles an hour, or a stuck in place planet where one side has sunlight for half the year, while the other has darkness.

    yet here we are doing to our only home in the known cosmos is akin to someone crapping lead, mercury and acid laced feces in his home everyday without flushing, yet expecting all will always be good. I know my example is a little stretch, hope you get the point.

  • 504Productions says:

    The keys look like a Katrina hit them. Insane amount of damage

  • koolio0900 says:

    wow yall are getting a little excited lol.. this isnt aftermath you can still see hurricane force winds blowing some of the videos

  • Randy Sewell says:

    Does anyone know if there was damage by the Villa Del Mar hotel in the Keys? Lots of people stayed there.

  • James Rucker says:

    Blame the government

  • Coral Conner says:

    Please please post video of Ramrod Key. You jump from Simmerland to Big Pine Key. We heard Ramrod wad under water but eve video of that would show us something. So far every video skips Ramrod.

  • ambo100 says:

    If only there was a way to move all of these motorhomes away to safety before the Hurricane hit.

  • Mike Brown says:

    Better film footage than I saw after two whole days of watching the TV network stations. Who needs ABC, CNN ETC when you have youtube!

  • dee bee says:

    Both Texas and Florida got hit by deadly hurricanes….Both Trump States…Coincidence? Not really. God is punishing those stupid Trumptard States. Enjoy your President assholes.

  • Janet Faber says:

    Dayam moved from Ramrod 4 yrs ago….Terrible to see thge neighborhood devastated like this…Anyone know if Sugarloaf School is ok?

  • Maureen Schumacher says:

    This footage is appreciated. Thank you.

  • stevep1116 says:

    Season summary mapSeasonal boundariesFirst system formedSeptember 6, 1905Last system dissipatedOctober 11, 1905Strongest stormNameFour • Maximum winds120 mph (195 km/h)Seasonal statisticsTotal storms5Major hurricanes
    (Cat. 3+)1Total fatalities8Total damageUnknownAtlantic hurricane seasons
    1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907

  • stevep1116 says:

    So you are saying the Planet has been pissed since 1905 when there were no cars etc and the population was half what it is now.

  • CharlotteNC4U says:

    Any word on whether the private runway in Summerland Key is under water?

  • roblox84 says:

    I can't imagine having to clean up shit around the house after this. I'd definitely be a renter down there and never have to clean up the house.

  • Linda Davis says:

    Does anyone know about the yellow /Budweiser building at MM30?

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