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How to Breach Like a Marine

Marines with III MEF show you how to get things done “Like a Marine.”

Marines with 3rd Marine Logistics Group, 9th Engineer Support Battalion teach you how to kick in doors like a Marine. Breakin’ down doors, Marine Corps style!

Be sure to follow III MEF Marines for more in the series.

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  • Grunt Sound Off ! says:

    When did we get that Shit??? we used to kick or shotgun the door!! These must be Demo Marines! Semper Fi Brothers!

  • Caden Reese says:

    I wanna be a marine

  • nassim ajdid says:

    Marines are so cool

  • Haitian Refugee says:

    Do Devil Dogs wear any hearing protection in events like this?

  • Englehard Dinglefester says:


  • David Lundman says:

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  • RAGGARADEthirst says:

    Show us how MARSOC breaches

  • Eric T says:

    I wish the Marine Corps would change their policy on adderal use, would have been in 2 years by now… anyway, SEMPER FI to all the Marines who answered the call

  • landsurfer66 says:

    Knock knock… BOOM!

  • IISharp Productions says:


  • Solano_03 says:

    Going to MEPS tomorrow. Do I have to tell them that explosions give me boners?

  • MyNameIsFisk says:

    I thought this was how everyone opens their doors…

  • GlockUSMC says:

    Title of this video should be how to breach like a BAMF!!! But Marine will do. It's pretty much saying the same thing. Get Some Devils!!!

  • Casey Walsh says:

    They don't even flinch!

  • MyShowBro says:

    I'm looking forward to it.

  • Andrew Milner says:

    That was sweet! More like that please.

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