Four J-15 fighter jets successfully took off from the Liaoning aircraft carrier, which was the highlight of the military parade of the Navy of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Thursday. But how do J-15 fighter jets take off from the Liaoning aircraft carrier?

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18 thoughts on “How do J-15 fighter jets take off from Liaoning aircraft carrier?

  1. The engines are weaker then the SU-33

    So it’s ramp needs to be steeper to give it a boost.

    Also fuel efficiency
    Is pretty bad.

  2. China you change the U.S.A expansive technology catapults [catobar] into CHINA cheapest technology like the will be helpful for the BRICS.also russia will need your help.

  3. China is very open displaying their military might, unlike Japan who is very secretive, no one know how many secret weapons are hidden.

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