Houston flood aerial video – South Mayde Creek @ Greenhouse Rd Aug 27, 2017

Raw video from quadcopter of flooding from Mayde Creek at Greenhouse Rd and vicinity.


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33 thoughts on “Houston flood aerial video – South Mayde Creek @ Greenhouse Rd Aug 27, 2017

  1. Flying a drone in a rescue operations area is illegal and irresponsible. You cannot hear a low-flying helicopter approaching in time to get your drone out of the way. There is an official FAA restriction- you are breaking the law!

  2. I have studied hurricanes most of my life. There was nothing natural about this engineered storm, including how it just stopped. Do any real research and realize how much weather manipulation is happening. If I was affected by this I would consider doing the research, finding the patents, and finding the best civil law firm dealing with ecological issues. And this is a huge HINT

  3. Where would America be without the Southern outdoorsman. Every time a disaster hits they answer the call by saving countless lives! Using skills they gained fishing and hunting.

  4. Amazing video footage, we live just a few blocks away in a neighborhood across the street from Mayde Creek HS & Jr. High.

  5. I notice "CNN" asking if they could use the footage…

    Would a news agency typically pay you for the footage? Or they want something for nothing?

  6. What do people expect… the build their homes in a place that has a history of hurricane activity and flooding…

    I DO sort of feel bad for them… but it pisses me off when they don't take the proper precautions. They should evacuate and take valuables with them(if possible). Honestly…They end up costing us even more taxpayer dollars to come rescue their lazy baboon selves. Pretty scusting people.

    Now… the elderly, and disabled, with no family or friends to help… they are they real victims here. But… they had their entire lives to pick an area to retire in that isn't quite so hazardous.

    People are always quick to play the "victim" card, when in reality, most situations can be avoided.

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