Heads Up! Massive “Google Docs” Phishing Scam Underway, Don’t Open Files!

There’s a MASSIVE phishing attack underway from “mailinator” targeting folks in both private & public sector offering to share Google doc.

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23 thoughts on “Heads Up! Massive “Google Docs” Phishing Scam Underway, Don’t Open Files!

  1. I'm seriously concerned that so many of these phishing attacks were on public schools. The culprits are either students, ex-students or pedophiles.

  2. Dodged a bullet for the time being. Have to believe though the Chinese are spying on us through our devices.

  3. My friends son who is 16 said today that their school documents system was hacked. Live in central Illinois.

  4. thanks daboo7, I don't know if I've been missing you, but you need to keep us up-to-date with what's going on in North Korea. I know the News tells us one thing, but we want your opinion, tell us what you know, we need the truth. look daboo7, we all know the news is fake and there's only a few new stations that will tell us the truth, and you're one of them. Believe it or not there's a lot of people you touch, including myself. So please keep us up-to-date on what's going on , because you know we cannot count on our regular news anymore. long time listener , and really appreciate what you do. you always have a thumbs-up with me. From south Louisiana, love you brother!!

  5. I got one this morning, But no I Didn't open it..They had to have a huge data base somewhere to be able to link who knew who..

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