Hawaii Eruption Update, 11 am Conference Call (May 30, 2018)


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49 thoughts on “Hawaii Eruption Update, 11 am Conference Call (May 30, 2018)

  1. I "LOVE" Wendy, she has a howlie name so there's no need for me to mangle Hawaiian names trying to pronounce them within my own head. Akaneekeeuoiekielooekeynew pronounced Aka-ne-eke-euo-iekie-lou-o-ekey-neu could have been her name (Wink 😉wink) but "NO" she's just a wonderful howlie named "Wendy" hehehehe 😉

  2. That lava flow and fissure map seems to point the finger at PGV. All the activity is focused around that geothermal plant.

  3. Just wondering……. Is it against the law to divert lava flow around a structure with concrete barriers for example?

  4. Your really worried about bugs in the park how stupid an im sure you really know thats magma no lava spewing out after all this time!? An who cares about tours canceling you've got bigger problems then that.

  5. Watch RT-they are saying the truth-we just return from week on kona-100 miles from volkano-7 days no sun at all -only fog/vog and acid rain some times from acid clouds-one word-RUN

  6. USGS has disabled comment on their videos. Probably because they are really bad. Alexa Van Eaton gave a GREAT presentation on a new video. Geology, physics, regional impact… well done, Alexa. She needs to be the USGS spokes person for this event.

  7. omg … first reporter … enthusiasm? and why the old images from the pali. annoyed w the lack of footage from USGS. uploads are all very short with minimal information. this is epic and yet people seem so unaffected by it. i don’t get it. is it because Trump is president??

  8. SIRENS999 chanel, somebody in Hawaii needs to go get his dogs at home as he is busy filming in fire and will probably be dead soon. This guy is all over the place, he is laughing, he is reminding me of a person that gets off on fire. His videos are up close and people are just eating them up. The problem is he has two dogs at home and i am concerned they may get trapped. He just wont leave the fires.

  9. So, you are saying that a "gas explosion" occurred AWAY from the opening of the crater??? No, that was an earthquake.

  10. Due to the more gaseous & fast flowing lava now, how might the underground Fracking & gas wells be impacting this, creating this?

  11. What do they have to do to clear the Crater Road? Does that carve a path into the lava bed or do they try to drive over it?

  12. They are worried about ants and frogs?! Clearing hardened lava covered road at the last minute to evacuate people to foolish to leave on their own would be my main concern.

  13. I'm watching on YouTube, the Kilauea volcano. I am from Brazil, there are no volcanoes here. Many have lost their homes. How they solve this, the government helps, or has insurance, or maybe nothing.

  14. 5.3 mag. earthquake yesterday & today near the summit of Kilauea with many smaller ones. Rather see lots of smaller quakes than one big one.. Best wishes to all involved!

  15. These are the pros? I’m getting more info from chat rooms …And yes I have family and friends in the path so I’m a little concerned …

  16. really?? I've been upo the ass of every mayor and every cov'ner for 1 nyrs for this issue … chain of craters is the main 'emergency exit' our tax doll's at work … freakin unconscienceness and hawiian … 'what'evah!'.

  17. Why do you guys say 'Rowt' A rout, is a milatary term, for a shambolic retreat (in other words total defeat in a battle, and abandonment of all and sundry) A route, (pronounced 'root' in most of the english speaking world) is what you are trying to say. A fascininating, grindingly annoying difference. Off topic, I know, but just an observation 🙂

  18. It seems Kilauea and the rift zone are acting like a a sand castle on the beach that is collapsing and about to get washed back into the sea by waves.

  19. Historical progression. Kohala to Mauna Kea 25 miles. Mauna Kea to Hualalai and Mauna Loa 25 miles. Hualalai to Mauna Loa 25 miles. Mauna Loa to Kilauea 20 miles. Current active volcano Kilauea to Leilani fissures 25 miles your future big volcano. For debate Mauna Kea and Kilauea to Hilo 25 miles. Leilani to Hilo 20 miles. Stall evacuations? Think.

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