Hawaii Alert East Rift Subsidence-Earth Changes

Vacationland cleared just now, zero residents, came over the scanner!

over 450 EQ’s today, Kilauea Caldara collapse, over 14′

Hawaii Kilauea volcano deflation continues. One acre of the rater rum has dropped 6-7 feet. Chain of Crater road has dropped 25.5 inches as of May 31.

USGS Status Update of Kilauea Volcano – June 1, 2018

Mega Tsunami Threat!

Mary Greeley


here is a list of all the PGV wells that the lava has covered now:

Kapaho 1
Kapaho 2
Lanipuna 1
Lanipuna 6
Malama Ki

Ones in the path:
Kapaho Test
Geothermal 4

On PGV grounds:
80 ft from KS-4
150 ft KS-3
200 ftKS-14

200 ft from KS-11, KS-13
A few more feet from 9, 10, 1, 1-A, 16 These are the other pad with the L shape.

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20 thoughts on “Hawaii Alert East Rift Subsidence-Earth Changes

  1. Hey guys, check a map. Any landslides from the Big Island east rift zone could create a tsunami however, it would head away from the islands in a south east direction. The rest of the islands are north west. At least on my map they are. It’s not a conspiracy. Sorry.

  2. Wrong mountain. You started out talking about Mauna Loa (00:35), then go on to talk about Kilauea and bastardize the pronunciation of Halema'uma'u. Its not "Holly Mama". I do think that people of the island should be looking closer at Mauna Loa, especially after so many large earthquakes. Chamber dams at the head of fissure and tube systems could be stressed.

    Another place to focus should be the Ola'a, Sexton and Kazumura lava tubes that originate from Kilauea Iki, and flows down the East side of Highway 11 and into Paradise Park. I've personally hiked inside this tube system starting from Hawaiian Paradise Park, and can attest to its enormity and capacity to carry large amounts of magma from the summit. There are numerous skylights for surface lava breakouts in several of the populated subdivisions along the way.

    At 01:39, your deflation chart from NGL probably isn't the best chart to use. Yes, there was/is deflation at the summits of Kilauea and Pu'u O'o. Laboratory analysis concludes that summit magma ("newer" and "hotter" than what was stored beneath lower Puna since the 1965 eruption) has entered the lower rift zone, so logic says that the summits will deflate with loss of magma. Better examples are seen on the USGS Monitor and Deformation pages.


  3. I've been praying for ALL. Thank you for the information. Sept 23rd 2017 was the first day of the tribulation when Rev. 12 happened that was hidden from us by technology of the GREAT WONDER WE ALL WERE SUPPOSE TO SEE . Every word in the bible is true, Jesus is perfect.

  4. Whoever authored this video with the disgraceful unbalanced audio needs to be banned from authoring videos until he/she learns we don't like running the volume up and down radically from clip to clip just to hear the info or save our hearing whichever is the case.

  5. Fear Porn Perhaps you have a problem with listening since you pronounced the names of the mountain and craters wrong.

  6. Hopeful that the last part, re: tsunami, is highly exaggerated! If it were to be that epic… would be very bad news for mainland West coast as well.

  7. If by God you mean Lord Rothschild and his HAARP machine, yeah… Totally natural act of god to prepare Hawaii for Agenda 2030 redevelopment…

  8. hi, leave god out of this, it mother nature doing it not god, and what you atribute to god is just things you dont know

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