Greece: drone footage reveals aftermath of flooding

Drone footage shows the aftermath of flash floods that killed at least 15 people on Wednesday in two coastal towns west of Athens after a night of heavy rain. In the industrial towns of Nea Peramos and Mandra, west of Athens, crumpled cars and mangled furniture are strewn across roads coated in the thick mud left behind by a raging torrent that washed through homes on Wednesday morning • Deadly flash floods cause ‘biblical damage’ in Athens
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7 thoughts on “Greece: drone footage reveals aftermath of flooding

  1. geo-engineering, man made weather manipulation, the HAArp program.
    look up at the sky. see the trails, see the unusual formation of clouds
    do research.

  2. This has happened for millions of years weather changes,.. sometimes through a century getting warmer other times the planet cools down,… look at what scientist "Greg Braden" talks about on youtube…. also human beings have created. We are on a continuous scale going up and down, depending on the earth being affected inside its core, by outer influences. We need to get used to this, prepare as much as we can,… and then help each other,… we need to come together and help, if we selfishly only care about our own environments,…for sure,… this place will become hell on earth, but if we have each other, to lean on, to cry on, to console,… things WILL GET BETTER.

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