Greece: 150 refugees rescued after boat sinks off coast of Lesbos

150 refugees arrived to the Greek island of Lesbos, Friday, after a large boat sank due to deteriorating weather conditions.

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17 thoughts on “Greece: 150 refugees rescued after boat sinks off coast of Lesbos

  1. I like RT, but wtf is wrong with the comments? i thought RT listeners were a bit open-minded, but…, if you read and see what is happening in the world then you would be happy for these people.

  2. First thing they do when they set foot in Greece scream Allah Akbar. Way to go Greece, Constantine XI died in vain.

  3. It makes me sick that that world is run by PC morons. If only they had an animal side, they could defeat the animals.

  4. The EU is responsible for this.

    People of Europe it's time to wake up your leaders are calling for your collapse!

  5. I can't see how Lesbos is going to have a tourist industry next year after all this, the locals are going to face real hardship next summer when no paying customers turn up.

  6. In the 21st century we welcome the invaders. Damn I wish Hitler had won, then we would be free from this degenerate bullshit.

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