This video shows you that Great powers stepping up on China

One nation after another at a weekend conference lined up to denounce China for breaking international law and to reassert “the rules-based order”, but a curious pattern quickly emerged.

The further a country from the front line of China’s relentless expansion into the South China Sea, the tougher it talked.

The countries who are actually losing their claimed territories to China’s military forces were much more diplomatic. So diplomatic, in fact, that they tiptoed carefully around the subject and had little or nothing to say.

One of the striking new responses to China’s unchecked gains in the region is the rising protest from Europe. The annual Shangri-la security dialogue in Singapore heard stern words from the defence ministers of Britain, France and Germany on the weekend. All three declared that they will uphold “the rule of law” in the South China Sea.

France and Britain said that they were stepping up naval movements through the zone: “No less than five French ships sailed in this area in 2017,” said French Minister for the Armed Forces Florence Parly. “European ships are mobilising more widely.”

Britain’s Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson quipped: “We have been pleased to commit three Royal Navy ships to this region in the last year, although hearing France committed five, I think I have to commit to six” this year.

Parly said that Britain and France, both permanent members of the UN Security Council, were sending naval ships to visit Singapore next week and then into “territorial waters” in the South China Sea. They would also be carrying German naval observers.

While not naming China, she said that the French vessels expected to come under challenge, just as the US navy was challenged by China’s navy last week when they sailed within 12 nautical miles of Woody Island in the Paracels group. This is the island, also claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan, where China landed heavy bombers last month.

“At some point a stern voice intrudes into the transponder and tells us to sail away from supposedly ‘territorial waters’,” said Parly. “But our commander then calmly replies that he will sail forth, because these, under international law, are indeed international waters.”

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26 thoughts on “Great powers stepping up on China

  1. China will perish by the hands of this western powers. It would be a total chaos in the mainland. They cannot even touch Taiwan because they know what will happen to them if they do something stupid. China is just good in word war but is truly afraid of world war.

  2. China has a history of beaten the so call super power and its allies……be careful that history doesn't repeat itself

  3. Since the islands are built, just make them a tourist stop for everyone. They already have tennis courts.

  4. China Movement is Being Monitored by his (All) Neighbours..China can't Escape where ever he Goes..he will Pay A Huge Price for being Biggest Bully and Thief..

  5. It’s a float by to wave hello, China is permanently stationed while everyone else is just happening to visit

  6. Your economy china is leveraged 350% that is what will sink your south china sea Dreams! people wont always need to buy from you…soon enough!

  7. let them squabble on it while Philippines dig oil on their EZZ territory that China or America is trying to hold…hahaha…nice move President Duterte

  8. Why you so LIE, USA wouldn't give a shit , and few western powers USA and UK worry about Suez channel by which USA specially export all they LNG , weapon, and in one words all goods to Asia…so now China breaking international law(what is that) something what in that moment is good for USA , when is not, they even not ask UN or any body which job is to protect same, why when those whit out balls persons and organisation wouldn't have enough courage to say something to USA .

  9. This curious Chinese position in the South China Sea as a bully does not make sense: why is Xi so heady as a dictator, why is he so pushy, obstinate, and acting as an adolescent as king of the hill? China is setting itself up as bully against a dozen countries, why so silly? Just one ballistic missile and those island are dust. Does Xi think that 1.5 billion people can survive without the good will of the world that they need for food? One agrees that Western Gun Boat diplomacy opening China to trade does rankle his highness Xi, but that is centuries ago…

  10. India can buy Russia, the United States, Israel, Britain, France, Germany any weapon, China has nothing, India will win。😎

  11. The "nine dotted line" on the map (today's SCS claim by China) was marked by ROC aka Taiwan leading party back in 1947, after PRC aka China won the war during the cultural revolution with ROC(Taiwan) and inherited the map which now wish to claim the territory. The latest news was the infamous nine dotted line should be 11 dotted line and 2 lines were missing.

    Below bits of the Chinese history related to South China Sea:
    “China was a continental kingdom not a maritime one,” according to the Chinese historian. During the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), China'e emperors largely shut their empire off from the seas. As a consequence, China's cartographic prove of SCS claim is scarce. Further more, the Qing dynasty's map just showed the South China Sea as a small lake. Therefore, China's maritime territory claim can't be established and China does have the RIGHT to their claim of SCS !

    "World Peace" requires LAW & ORDER ! In Chinese discretionary LAW & ORDER don't exist .

  12. China you do not own South China Sea. I forget, China is a communist country they do not follow International law. China aims is world domination. US and EU have to stop China in controlling South China Sea. To stop China, their economy must go down.

  13. Western colonial power never pay by the law, they are invading others peoples land and wealth.
    Western countries say the are recognised one China under the UN law. But they keeps stirring up
    and involve in China internal issues.

  14. Why send warship if you had no ball to attack the island China build? Please go to war with China we love to see how strong the west claim in their soft power movie. I live sixty years watching western war movie showing all their heroic might they are but in reality they lost in every war with the east even when they group up like pack of hyenas to attack. The west never have ball to fight alone because they are the real coward when alone.

  15. Shouldn't the fact that it doesn't bother their neighbors .. but the Americans and Europeans keep expecting us to believe these crazy conspiracy theories about China .. tell you something??! Or are you paranoid schizophrenic and are thus prone to believing in conspiracy theories??! 🙁

  16. Yankees go home and build your own dilapidated roads and provide food and shelter to your own citizens rather than creating chaos everywhere.

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