Godspeed, John Glenn | Remembering a Marine Corps legend

This week, memorial services are being held for the late John Glenn, an American hero and Marine Corps legend. To honor his life, we look back on his career as a Marine.


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15 thoughts on “Godspeed, John Glenn | Remembering a Marine Corps legend

  1. FUCKING… BEAUTIFUL. RIP. John Glenn. He did a lot of wonderful things in his life. I can only hope to do as much as he can and more. Semper Fi.

  2. Today, our nation is a sadder place with the passing of a true American legend. But, our nation is also much better just for having had him in it. Semper Fi, Colonel Glenn & Godspeed.

  3. We should never forget our many Marine heroes like Mr Glenn. Without their sacrifices and services to our country's own foundations and constitutions of the greatness, without America's today's better life. We love America and America's own foundations and constitutions for America's own greatness of security and safety, prosperity and unity. We also love President Reagan, President Bush 41, President Bush 43 and President Nixon. They are all great Presidents for America's greatness.

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