Gen. Jack Keane reacts to US Navy ship collision

Fox News military analyst provides insight on ‘America’s News HQ’


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49 thoughts on “Gen. Jack Keane reacts to US Navy ship collision

  1. No way a cargo ship hits that craft without it being intentional. I don't buy it for a fuckin second. Cargo ship and its contents are insured, owner sees US ship as problematic. This smells like a underhanded act of war.

  2. This warship has the Aegis state-of-the-art radar system but it cannot detect a commercial ship 4 times its size…. best of luck with the NoKo mini subs

  3. don't surf youtube on the I-phone while navigating a destroyer at night…..daniele bregolli isn't that hot…

  4. Why would and Army Gen. be speaking he has absolutely no expertise of a navy destroyer he was the only one Fox News had on standby to talk about this. I don't know if I fully buy this story yes mistakes happen and crew members die from said mistakes but I mean two large ships a CONTAINER shit being one of them and a clearly recognizable US NAVY ship being the other. I don't know.

  5. According to sea laws, the cargo ship had right of way. It was expected that USS Fitzgerald should change course.
    Why cant he say it straightforward? It took me 1 minute to check it on Google.
    Something was really wrong on that $1,5 billion dollar ship.
    Instead of Subway, they should have Starbucks on Navy vessels, so officers stay awake. Bad comment.
    I expect Navy will learn a lesson and implement procedures to avoid this in the future.

  6. philippine merchant vessel say…. " can i excuse myself"?…… uss destroyer say "zzzzzzzzz!!!!!"…… hey guys us people paying their tax for you to stay in your station and monitor everything… dont just sleep fucking americans

  7. the sneaky Chinese have accidentally on purpose crashed into this US navy destroyer and destroyed it. love it i do 🙂

  8. Yes, the US Navy is on patrol 24/7 all over this planet. We are in half the worlds countries.
    Why? Russia has one base (Syria) China has one (Africa) The US has 12 Active aircraft carriers. Go check and see for yourself how many Russia and China have. And they are our top "competition" if that is what you care to call them. Remember that Cuban missile crises? Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy's lies almost got lots of us killed. Don't believe it you think! Make a visit to Mr. Kennedy's library and listen to his audio tapes.

  9. big friggin ocean. just so happens these two ships smash into one another? ehhhhh. not sold on this one.

  10. none of those factors would be relevant under seige shooting missles down, this ship was hit and they were not even fighting just chillin on the sea, also, what kind of flim flam technology can't pick up a signal they are about to crash, even the Titanic had some heads up

  11. "Follow international guidelines." One would think that the media would do a little research before they make fools out of themselves, it's "International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea." these are rules and the word shall is used a lot, there are no guidelines.

  12. How the heck does NO ONE see a huge ship with lights on it? Are there no watch out men in waters with much traffic? It's rediculous to believe this is an accident!

  13. Someone PLEASE tell me why EVERYONE continues to say the US Destroyer collided with the Japanese Freighter? The Destroyer was STOPPED and was hit Broadside! That is NOT our fault, you cannot Collide something if you're stopped!

  14. Fun Fact: The US media never revealed the other side of the ship where the impact actually occurred in fear that it would make the ship look weak.

  15. also noticed she's saying the Navy ship collided with the freighter. the truth is the freighter intentionally turned into the Navy ship. sounds like an attack to me

  16. Lets me think of a story:
    A US warship gets a warning. Please turn 9 degrees to your right, you are on a collision path with us. The commander of the warship replied back with I advise that you turn 9 degrees to the right. Back came the same request, please turn 9 degrees to the right, it is urgent that you do so. The irritated warship commander replied back with we are a US warship and we demand that you turn 9 degrees to your right. Back came the reply, we know, we are the light house.

  17. The Captain's statement before the collision: “I look forward to being with my Fitzgerald family in support of future missions and exercises. This is the best ship and the best crew on the waterfront, hands down!” said Benson, according to the release. “I am proud to work alongside the Navy’s best and brightest men and women who protect and support the Pacific region and our allies.”

  18. I wish I could be there when Seaman Apprentice (former Navy Commander and Captain of the USS Fitzgerald) Bryce Benson has to explain to the Admiral just how in one month of command he managed to get his hundreds of million dollar Destroyer broadsided by a container ship, killing 7 and injuring 4.

  19. The warship fitted with modern radar technology and why not see the big container ship allowed it hit on starboard side?

  20. Mid watch sleeping on the bridge? In a busy shipping lane? In clear weather? The Navy can't seem to do anything right lately. Headlines every week.

  21. You would think the navy ship would have radar so no ships could sneak up on them, lucking it was not Iran or ISIS

  22. At night , radar , AIS , lights , someone was asleep or systems of alerts were down . Wow what a shame ! God help the missing crew and the injured !

  23. The captain of the USS Fitzgerald will be held responsible by the Navy no matter what his people did, or the other ship, its his responsibility to keep his ship and people safe. There are 7 people trapped or dead in that ships sealed of compartments, part of them were berthing (sleeping ) compartments, no doubt the 7 lost were asleep. There should have been plenty of warning to change course or at least sound a collision alarm and get those people topside, my guess those missing were probably officers or chief petty officers from where the damage is at least it would have been that way when I was in the Navy.

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