France: Hollande boasts €34 billion submarine contract with Australia

French President Francois Hollande expressed his pride in state-owned naval contractor DCNS winning a huge bid to build a fleet of 12 submarines for Australia, during a press conference in Paris on Tuesday.

Both the German and Japanese governments had been pushing their own bids to win the project valued at AUS$50 billion (US$39 billion/ €34 billion). Having spoken to Hollande the day before, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull officially announced the decision to offer the contract to DCNS earlier on Tuesday.

SOT, Francois Hollande, French President (French): “I had to be here today because this is not a day like any other. Yesterday at approximately 10:45, I want to be precise, a phone call. I receive many during the day but not all of the same worth. This one was from the Australian Prime Minister and he told me that DCNS and therefore France had been chosen to be the partner of Australia in the context of exclusive negotiations. He told me how the competition had been of a particularly high level and that the companies that have been for months making their case had been particularly careful in presenting the best possible bid. We knew that notably there was a Japanese and a German consortium, big companies that are formidable and remarkable, and he told me that it was you, DCNS, France, that were chosen. I felt great pride. I felt proud because this was France, proud also because this was a submarine, 12 in effect, that we had already manufactured, not in this form and not in this proposition, that are today at the service of national defence. I was proud because this is a particularly brilliant technology that you have developed. I was proud because this was the French know-how and French workforce, the innovation and research ability that was recognised, hailed and selected. I was proud because you said, Mr. President, this was a whole team that was mobilised, a whole team to carry out this project and to show that it was different from the others and that it could on all levels satisfy the expectations of our Australian friends.”

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10 thoughts on “France: Hollande boasts €34 billion submarine contract with Australia

  1. Военные эксперты: французские военной электроники в 500 раз хуже, чем японские бытовой электроники. Новый премьер-министр Австралии захватил власть безнравственна переключени Тыну Abbott. Малкольм Тернбулл торгует "поддержку инноваций." Классический метод распределять государственный бюджет для друга. Гафф, нет "министерские идеи" Малкольм Тернбулл клоун, рывком

  2. The Ausie govt is too frail against Chinese monkey business to avoid the improvement of sub performance. That's THE ISSUE for their national security, no doubt…

  3. I'm sure this is just some NATO propaganda by these two losers (France and Australia) we all know that the best submarines are Russian and German and i'm also sure that this France company is using German tech and German know how because if France can't even make a reliable car how the fuck will they be able to make a decent submarine without the help of German engineers???

  4. Australia made the decision to have the most versatile and the best submarines. World best sonar, propulsion system, range, weapon capacity and most efficient stealth technology available today.

  5. DCNS the best choices to make! much better technology than Japanese is
    matchbox submarine or the shape of the German submarine is very ugly…
    DCNS is the future. Tchnologie incredible. striking power is without
    equal! DCNS FREMM and Barracuda class your territorial waters, your
    oceans will be closely guarded

  6. Best choice for Australia. Of course, the poor russians earning 300 euros a month (for the richests) will criticize, as we know them, but DCNS is really high technology. The Mistral Class boats are very high tech and the russians can't build such boats (they don't even have a plan to replace those Mistral Class lost). Now if Australia wanted a technology from the 60's branded by Lada or something, just phonecall Putin.

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