Fox News issues correction after retired ‘Navy SEAL’ turned out to be fake

John Garofalo appeared on Fox News claiming to be a retired Navy SEAL who served in the Vietnam War. The network published a correction Oct. 19 that said “all of Garofalo’s claims turned out to be untrue.” Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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23 thoughts on “Fox News issues correction after retired ‘Navy SEAL’ turned out to be fake

  1. So trump says media is fake and out to get him. Here is proof that they fake news in his favor. Don't except the closet racist to turn there stripes. They don't care. There hate is so strong logic is irrelevant . It's so strong they will stand with a man who actively goes against there interest . You deserve it .

  2. Just because Fox News puts out a story that they have to retract because he later on was exposed doesn’t mean Fox News lied about him it was the retired navy seal himself who lied to get himself onto an interview… duh

  3. A liberal pretending to be a soldier to push and agenda, it seems horrible but sinking this low is just part of being a democRat.

  4. Anyone who claims to be a seal can be verified, check out Don Shipley, and extreme seal experience, Mr Shipley Is a retired Navy Seal( the real deal) hates these guys and verifys phoney Navy Seal claims all the time.

  5. Nobody who went to Vietnam was a "hero." They were just brave young men (and women) who were lied to by their government.

  6. FOX news reporting on fake news, even after being told by a real Navy Seal that the guy was lying.

    So yeah. Pretty straight forward: either you're fake news or the mainstream media isn't. Thanks for giving us the proof, again (this is their fourth retraction in 3 months, more than any other major News outlet, by far).

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