Former navy SEAL assisting in cave rescue of Thai soccer team dead from lack of oxygen

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5 thoughts on “Former navy SEAL assisting in cave rescue of Thai soccer team dead from lack of oxygen

  1. That will teach you to be a good guy and try to rescue people. God doesn't protect good guys anymore the He protect bad guys. You just have to take your chances.

  2. You're a Trump supporter, so you don't know anything about this, right? You're just lying and hoping no one checks your facts. We appreciate your support but are you just selling books? I see you have a patreon account. You really just need donations, right? I find it hard to accept anything you say on face value, and it is not worth the time to check your facts.

    As a Trump supporter, you don't like foreign kids and don't place the same value on their lives as your own family or neighbors who share your ethnicity, right? Why bother commenting, except that you want to jump on any blip in the current news feed, huh? Get those donations, Martin and good luck in the mid-terms. Your political views and your charitable feelings for foreign kids are a conflict of interest- I hope you resolve that contradiction.

  3. So so sad… pray for these kids. Something tells me that this horrible situation is not going to end well for these children. Dear God…Please help them.

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