Video showing a flight through the eye of Hurricane Irma from a Tuesday morning flight on NOAA’s Hurricane Hunter aircraft.

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36 thoughts on “Flying into the eye of Hurricane Irma

  1. The thing I like most of this upload is the little do-hickey that's swinging around the cockpit windshield.

  2. If u are in hurricane then why wouldent you talk like i had a dream about the hurricane and it was awsome it was a cat 5 but i was in the hurricane and it was awsome but in real life ts dangerous

  3. Everyone’s not scared for the real very alive poilt but everyone’s scared for Kermit the very not real person

  4. 2:20 Okay… I know I'm being immature here, but I can't stop seeing that piece of metal jutting out without imagining its a machine gun barrel and your about to open fire on the hurricane!

  5. Thank god the storm didn't kill you! but wait… in the storms eye theirs a lot of players that might shoot you so be on guard!

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