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Final proof that Dems didn’t stand for Navy SEAL’s widow?

Independent Journal Review reporter calls out fact-checker Snopes for referring to his factual reporting about Dems not standing for a tribute to Carryn Owens, the widow of fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, as ‘fake news’ #Tucker

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  • JAS says:

    Who really cares ??

  • Sara Decapua says:

    We are disgraced by the demoncritic party. Why don't they all get out of our country if they don't like it

  • chickensandbeandip says:

    Wouldn't this be considered fake news by the Trump supporters?

  • Alex Gregg says:

    Snopes and PolitiFact "We have proof here is video evidence of our claim ". Fox news "we say we have over two minutes of video to back up claims, but instead of showing it trust this guy that said he saw it".

  • Dathan Gotham says:

    you can call them terrorists now… they are NOT heros you all need to read the intercept

  • hellomikie92 says:

    the anti military comments on this video is proof that progressive liberals and democrats are anti American. they don't give a shit about our military that ls part of the reason, why they follow the kkk side! democrats!

  • Heroin Music says:

    propaganda fox

  • Polydynamix says:

    "I like soldiers that weren't caught"
    then goes on to mock silver star soldier…
    disciples cheer because they're 'real' americans
    Somebody doesn't stay up for Trumps political prop…
    disciples freak the fuck out!!!

    When she agreed to be used by trump as a political tool she willingly accepted that a lot of people would reject her. Trump exploited her and now she's stuck holding the bag.

  • CandyLaStar says:


  • DJ EIGHT NINE says:

    So the title reads, Dems sit during….. when it was TWO and it was only the second ovation that they sat. FAKE NEWS TO THE FULLEST

  • BlizzPort says:

    What a disgrace.

  • Robert Hughes says:

    don't mind missile defense for South Korea stop sending the women golf clubs current u.s. golf reads like a menu at a South Korean restaurant

  • andrea bella says:

    Benny Johnson needs his own show on Fox… he's adorable and HE WAS TRUTHFUL.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

  • Kevin Solo says:

    this is not surprising at all.
    these people don't not care about America or Americans, they care about there small sect of there party.
    they would rather the country go to shit so they can have a point against trump.
    they have no problem with putting America in a bad place to get a win against trump.

  • vonsuthoff says:

    Serious question… If not Snopes… Who if any, fact checkers do you believe in… Is there an alternative? Alternatives?

  • G/man. 444 says:

    These democrats are dispicible human beings. What about the Kohn family? They selective outrage, another words their fake & phony bastards!!! 🖕🏻dems.

  • Postmodern ENTJ says:

    The soldier killed children before he was killed! Truth!

  • Postmodern ENTJ says:

    Trump killed children in the attack in Lybia. He did not excuse himself!

  • Postmodern ENTJ says:

    Put Trump in the Kindergarden. I think he is not capable of giving satisfaction even to terrorists!

  • Jerry Rowden says:

    I think we need to put all dems in a blender and let God sort them out.

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