False Flag or Assad regime Two Sides to a Coin Syria Gas Attack YOUTUBER’S Polling April 7 2017

False Flag or Assad regime Two Sides to a Coin Syria Chemical Warfare Gas Attack YOUTUBER’S Polling April 7 2017 other options Russia Iran Turkey Islamic State Al-Qaeda Saudi Arabia – WHO really knows? Did Trump Fall Prey to a False Flag in Syria?

BREAKING SYRIA CHEMICAL WARFARE wake up call to civilized world April 4 2017 End Times News Update

USA Trump Ordered Missile Strike on Syria response to Chemical Warfare attack Breaking April 7 2017

BREAKING TRUMP orders USA pounding Syrian air base with cruise missiles April 7 2017

RAW USA launches cruise missile strike on Syria Regime Breaking News April 6 2017

TRUMP puts boots on Ground Marines deployed in Syria to fight Islamic State March 9 2017

Breaking Iran defeats USA Navy in defiant ISLAMIC State IRANIAN animated film March 4 2017

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ALERT Mexico released 143+ million gallons Raw sewage deliberately into USA pacific ocean March 2017

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17 thoughts on “False Flag or Assad regime Two Sides to a Coin Syria Gas Attack YOUTUBER’S Polling April 7 2017

  1. The real thing that gets me is the airstrip that was blew up was protecting a Christian town from jihadis…

  2. False Flag, another Main Steam Media Propaganda False Flag
    I am disappointed in my President, I wish I could take back my vote

  3. false flag false flag blah blah blah bologna bologna bologna was a bomb shot then it's not a false flag if people get killed then it's not a false flag ….false flag my butt

  4. If Syria was friends with Isreal, like Jordan and Saudia Arabia, and not Iran, all of this would not have happened. But, all of this is working towards God's prophecy in His word the Bible of the Isaiah 17:1 of Damascus falling. Which will result in the Exekiel 38 war. All of this is foretold in God's word!!!

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