Ex US Marine Speaks Truth about ISIS, Israel, 9/11 and Zionist Agenda

Former US Marine Ken O’Keefe says it as it is about ISIS, Israel, 9/11, other terrorist attacks and Zionist Agenda.


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22 thoughts on “Ex US Marine Speaks Truth about ISIS, Israel, 9/11 and Zionist Agenda

  1. As soon as the American people unite with the progressive forces of the world, give up the corporate greed, fight legalizing drugs, gays, human trafficking etc., as soon as NATO/EU stand to fight Judaic-Christians (who have killed more innocent people in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya etc.) than Hitler, the Neo-Nazi's days are numbered.

  2. Ken U are 100% CORRECT &"all" what you said in this video is coming out N O W Nov,2016 [What a FUCKED up world we live in b'cus of the U.S.A & Israel]Sickening

  3. Look at US State and Federal Governments, they don't manufacture anything rather live off the people. They have to have criminals at home to justify their laws, police, courts, prisons… and wars abroad for their military complex. And it's all charged to the American citizens, it's a beautiful racket.

  4. I agree with Ken simply because if ISIS and Al-Qaida is such a fucking threat then why does Canada, U.S. and the U.K. allow massive immigration into their countries? Everywhere I look in Canada and the U.K. all I see is Muslims and Muslim accommodation. and appeasement.

  5. Obama from all presidents should be the most willing to blow the cover and tell to the people of the united States the truth what's going on, and if he hasn't done so, that means what your saying isn't true. sorry

  6. Crab.
    this station (press TV) is totally biased to the killer of his own people and the ethnic cleansing leader against sunni in syria.
    I am against Suadia Arabia government, but why they would support ISIS and ask USA to fight them and pay billions of dollars to us , bullshit.
    ISIS it is exclusively made by MOSSAD and CIA to create chaos all over Muslims the region.

  7. NICE! A bit of truth is soo refreshing. Everybody needs to hunker down and start taking care of our neighbors, practicing unconditional love in our homes, and looking out for one another, everywhere. Use your gut feelings and do the right thing. Avoid judgement and hate & learn to communicate. The gap between love & hate is undoubtedly widening. Something as small as a smile is effective.

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