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Eurosatory 2014 Live Demonstration

– Some of the highlights from the dynamic demonstration held today at Eurosatory 2014 included the Infotron IT 180 unmanned rotorcraft deploying a Cobra Mk2 UGV, both unmanned vehicles are provided by the French robotics company ECA Robotics.

The Thales Group displayed the Hawkei Light Protected Mobility Vehicle weighing 10 tons. Hawkei delivers unparalleled levels of blast and ballistic protection, for a helicopter transportable vehicle.

while Renault Defense Trucks demonstrated a number of vehicles, including the 20 ton VAB Mk III 6×6 armoured personnel carrier offering NATO Level 4 protection, anti-blast and IED protection. Another vehicle from Renault is ALTV, a lightweight 4×4 platform developed by ACMAT.

Two unmanned vehicles were demonstrated here for the first time, the Terramax from Oshkosh, is an M-ATV rigged with the Terramax autonomy kit, enabling the vehicle to demonstrate a route clearing mission performed by standard military vehicles such as the M-ATV armoured vehicle and MTVR medium trucks, equipped to carry out autonomous unmanned missions. The Terramax was demonstrated here pushing a mine roller. The VERA robotic kit installed on an EAGLE IV armored vehicle from GD ELS.

Other vehicle demonstrated here is the LMV from Iveco, configured to carry out CBRN reconnaissance missions, the Scorpion from the Streit Group,and Jaws armoured personnel carrier from IAG and the eight wheel ARGO all terrain vehicle mounting a remotely operated weapon station fitted with the PEARL gunshot detection system from Metravib.

More information about the vehicles and systems participating in the demonstration will be covered in forthcoming posts. Stay tuned…

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