Estevan Point Bombing : A Shot in the Dark (1995) – The Fifth Estate

Why was a lighthouse on Vancouver Island bombed during World War II and who did it? Linden MacIntyre investigates the bombing of Estevan Point and its lighthouse on Vancouver Island during World War II. The official report into the incident states that a Japanese submarine fired two dozen rounds at the island, but locals and some historians have their doubts.

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5 thoughts on “Estevan Point Bombing : A Shot in the Dark (1995) – The Fifth Estate

  1. Yeah right happened six months after the Pearl Harbour pretext, the Canadian public and historians had good reasons to have doubts. FDR provoked Japanese and was aware of the imminent attack but did nothing to stop it because he wanted Japanese to attack Pearl Harbour and give Americans an excuse to go to WWII, a war America had no business getting involved in.

  2. One Captain Cyril (curly) Andrews knew the truth, No sub from Japan ever fired a shot, the truth is now lost with time…. Thank you for this classic story reprise

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