End of Aircraft Carriers Era?

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46 thoughts on “End of Aircraft Carriers Era?

  1. This kinda neglects the anti-missile weapons on US carriers. It also neglects the fact that there are several more ships in a carrier strike group with their own anti-missile technology and very long-range missiles (supersonic and anti-ballistic-missile RIM's, Tomahawk cruise missiles, and more).

  2. Too costly to maintain as well. But when you have Jews printing money for you than it can be added to trillions of debt.

  3. i dont think the us will cease to use carriers despite them being useless because to the americans the carrier is a symbol of high importance its like the worthless m16 despite being so that it cant even shoot under water they still use it they even have a prayer for the damn thing

  4. Long-range missile can destroy target but can not win a wars. And long-range missiles are not invincible, it subject to high energy laser weapon and satellite intercept weapon. Which nobody could tell you it already in place or not. Aircraft carrier like tank will continue to dominate warfare until something proof it obsolete in battlefield not in some body illusion.

  5. the UK has recently completed building new aircraft carrier but alas they have no aircraft to fly from them.the combined greed and ineptness of British mod and military industrial complex and various puerile politicians has ensured a screw up and of course Uk has gifted all the VTOL harrier aircraft to US marines who still regard these antiques as highly desirable.the real motivation for defence procurement in West is to ensure massive deployment of wealth from the public to private sector and ensure crippling debt on society and its subsequent destruction.if the policies seem incoherent and wasteful it because they are meant to be so.western governments are not really in control,they take orders from their goy hating masters.

  6. I think that the American Bankster Government does not intend nor plan to engage in military fight with opponents who belong to the First League. With them they deal thru Economic WMD, proxies, vassal "allies", propaganda and traitors. I think the Aircraft Carriers are meant to be used against small countries, reenacting the power gap that once existed between the natives armed with bows and arrows and the invader with rifles and cannons.

  7. This video is misleading. Aircraft carriers are support ships with the most advanced missile defence systems in the world which with its own support ships play a part in missile defence roles as well. All countries are building or buying carriers for a reason.

  8. What a load of bullshit from someone who knows very little about how sophisticated weapon systems actually work. First your "carrier killer" missile is useless on its own, as it has to rely on a relatively sophisticated and accurate target acquisition system (a combination of radar and GPS for long range). Second the target is moving which requires constant targeting and positioning updates between the missile and the infrastucture (jamming possiblities, errors).Third the faster the missile the harder it can manoeuvre to counter interception and positioning errors are more frequent. So in short you only have to destroy the positioning satellites the missile uses and it becomes useless.

  9. it would be better to have more smaller ships than these super aircraft carriers. so your not putting all your eggs (aircraft) in one basket. large aircraft carriers have go the way of the mighty battle ships of days past. more of a states symbol than a practical fighting vessel.

  10. Can't wait for the collapse of Russia, you can show off your toys all you want but with that shrinking economy they'll be on their knees.

  11. the reason why Aircraft carriers replaced the battleship is because carriers fighters had a longer range than battleship guns/ it's also way more accurate, carriers is now becoming obsolete is because missiles such as df-21d and df-26 vastly out ranges the aircraft carriers. it is also vastly cheaper, which means saturation attacks can be employed, if 2 cant get through the defenses then perhaps 50 will.

    the final nail in the coffin for aircraft carrier will come when China deploys the df-21d onto ballistic nuclear submarines. this will turn this defensive weapon into an offensive one.

  12. Lets say that they do sink a carrier! The F-35 Has vertical landing so it could land anywhere! They could land in Japan, South Korea, Even Afghanistan! America Rules!

  13. This is bullshit! The aircraft carriers are not sitting ducks! They the most defended ships and most deadly Ship in the sea! Each carrier has a missile defense system as well as a whole fleet of of other ships and submarines defending it! Any Navel ship wouldn't come close to it! You can't you air power as they would be shot down by the aircraft stationed on the aircraft carrier! And I'm pretty sure that the Aircraft on the Aircraft carriers have the range to attack both China and Russia!

  14. B.S., AirCraft Carriers are Ducks, but They have Positive point 4 having Jets on Board, they can perform Navy policing and Fighter Deployment, but if war starts these can suffer greatly…

  15. Haha. Anti shipping missiles have been "making aircraft carriers obsolete" since the 80s.
    Pull the other one, destroyers and frigates are designed to swat these out of the air all day long, the only way one of these is hitting a carrier group is through mass volume and more than a bit of luck.

  16. Exactly, USA war machines are worthless against massive Missile strikes.
    Also, how will they work and move in an era without oil and fuel ???

  17. These facts are kind of biased but also true. An aircraft carrier with all equipment on board is way more needy and expensive than an anti-ship missile which also cost a lot less to maintain until it is finally needed for use. The question is just how effective are the carrier's defence systems? Because if they aren't enough to protect it, then probably yes, the end of aircraft carrier era is finally here.

  18. I see a deck of cards where the US loses a lot of power. An extremely vulnerable dollar, no oil revenues, massive state and private debts, massive student debts, overstretched logistics, a desintegrating infrastructure – and now police completely out of control and breaking laws, presidential candidates lying under oath and suffering zero consequences, massive race unrest, gilded age disparity – and the US is making as best an effort as it can to alienate Russia, the EU, China, the Saudi, nearly everyone

    This is critical instability. It could go very very bad.

  19. How are Aircraft Carriers useless when the US, UK, China, and India are all building them. Russia is said to be doing the biggest carrier modernization in history right now and country's like the US, France, Spain, and Australia are building amphibious assault ships (mini carriers)

    This report seems to be useless and driven by the left wing. I'm shocked to see it on South Front… With this logic, the entire military is useless then because in the event of a massive world war it will most definitely go nuclear and we'll all die through M.A.D.

  20. Learn from Indonesia, that's Biggest Archipelago Country in The World, so they had Thousand Island. they didn't had Aircraft Carriers and didn't want to buy or built that. so they Militarized and Weaponized Small and Outer Island near Border. because they military officer said " The Ship could Sink but Island is not "

  21. I love watching southfront Syria War. I am a dedicated watcher. But this made me laugh it's like a broke guy doesn't have a car telling you your Lamborghini sucks and his bicycle Beat It. So this is how old Russian propaganda used to work. I am getting the hang of it. But please keep on producing those Syria videos love them. Very informative do what you best at not this LOL shit.

  22. aircraft carriers are mainly there to control the sea routes and not to attack land it is a very expensive weapeon and requiere also a lot of expertise to construct. Russia and China are simply not playing in this league.

  23. The Worlds leading Terrorist State have never been to war with a country that can fight back, their so called military might has only been against defenseless Nations. Fucking low life cunts!

  24. Aircraft carriers are more of an anti ship weapon thats why they are supported by AEGIS destroyers. LHDs are going to be doing most of the work when it comes to amphibious operations supporting troops, thats what the f35s most useful role will be, its basically a stealth harrier. And I know I am kinda going all over, but aircraft carriers are a really potent stand off weapon for launching sorties against ships, (obviously no lone aircraft are going to enter a competent countries airspace) but the ability to launch awacs planes and also attack land targets is just a plus.

  25. Here's the point this video did not make: there will be no wars where American carriers will park in front of Chinese or Russian waters where they can be shot. War among great nations will always be the same: both sides sending troops ten thousand miles to duke it out on foreign soil on some distant islands.

    There, is the realm of force projection. And it's not an easy thing to do. The traditional way is oversea bases. In this, the US do have a superiority. And that's why Chinese, and Russian navy are building ACCs.

    Finally, let's just look at Syria, and Russia intervention in Syria. Despite its arsenal of short, medium, and long range missiles, as this video was too eager to show, Russian effort ultimately boils down to boots on the ground, artillery and aircraft bombing the enemy. The end.

  26. No offense, but i think you should put some english caption on your certain video with narrator like this person, kinda hard to understand what he say with thick accent.

  27. Another good report from south front. I agree that the aircraft carrier can not be used effectively against Russia, China, and perhaps even Iran. However, most other states do not possess the necessary missiles to knock out an aircraft carrier. Therefore, these carriers can be against those other nations. Furthermore, the carrier can deter surface ships of other navies from projecting power on the high seas and from approaching US mainland. Whilst aircraft carriers are sitting ducks they do however travel in a task force and are heavily protecting by an array of other surface and sub-surface vessels. I don't see them disappearing from the scene any time soon.

  28. These will only work against third world countries. as seen with wars against the middle east.. And not against countries like Russia or China.

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