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  1. What no more Indian joke wtf , trump was just getting started , thus sucks , no one every said vote republican like thus ARRORGANT cunt has

  2. A thief like Elizabeth Warren should be ousted from her seat. How dare she steal 5 Billion dollars from that agency which she used as a slush fund!!!!!!!

  3. Pocahontas is a hypocrite, pretend to be an Indian to get free Harvard education, established CPFB with unaccountability to budgeting on taxpayers monies, what a fraud!

  4. Elizabeth Warren you have thrift on you. Take taxes money out of the government. Elizabeth Warren has Treason because Elizabeth Warren was in Puerto Rico talking like she was president

  5. God that stupid fucking cheating whore fake bitch makes my skin crawl..Hey Lizzy, sorry but you can't cheat your next election, you puke…

  6. Horray push her out. She is a liar and piget. Plus she is a thief .She stole her education by saying she is of Indian desent.

  7. Warren is a puppet doing what Schumer and Pelosi tells her. How did Warren get her millions working in gov. for years. Term limits are needed to prevent people like her from thinking they own the gov. and use it to make them rich. She had a lot to do with Free Trade passing in senate that helped put many Americans out of work. VOTE HER OUT!

  8. Praise God! we don't need you!! Pocahontas is truly A BIG Goofynutball!! A Navy Seal in place of you will be an answered prayer!

  9. God, l hope so !!! LOCK this FAKE Pochahantus UP !!! Anybody BUT Warren. Liberalism is a disease and this sick lady needs to be isolated in prison to prevent the spread of this mental disorder. At the stage of her far advanced illness, it is incurable and makes her TOTALLY unfit to serve in any part of Government in a Republic under GOD !!!!! QUARUNTINE !!!

  10. her Paiute indian name is lieawatha from the shesaho tribe. also, once at a rally she grabbed my cock and tried to rip my pants off. she said she had never had a cock of that size and it was all i could do to fight her off. i have nightmares about it all the time.

  11. Commie/Marxist through and through! And Marxist do what Marxists do like Rahm Emanual ENDS Justify's the means "Carly Marx"

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