Drone footage of Arctic ice sheet in Greenland and Norway melting away

Fly above the Polar North in Greenland and Norway to visually experience how far the human hand reaches. As world leaders discuss climate change in Paris France this drone footage might be all you need to understand why just talking about it-isn’t enough.

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11 thoughts on “Drone footage of Arctic ice sheet in Greenland and Norway melting away

  1. Where are those silly polar bears doing a balancing act!? The anthropogenic global warming hoax carries on but only dopes believe in it.

  2. There is no Artic ice sheet in Norway whatsoever.  It melted after the last ice age, more than 10 000 years go.  The Gulf stream, with warm water from the Gulf of Mexico, prevents the build up of an Artic ice sheet in Norway.

  3. It looks like IN THE NOW is a parrot repeating left church lies.  Come on Anissa, QUESTION MORE!    I remember the left church scaring us with ACID RAIN. In the end all the left church arguments turned out to be lies.  The left church loves scared sheep following them, it gives them power and money.

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