Dramatic timelapse footage of Brisbane river flooding the city and boats washing away

Timelapse of footage shot over a couple of days of the Brisbane river (Australia) beside the story bridge as the river flooded it’s surrounds.

Note the ferry terminal underwater in the bottom left, pontoons and debris, including a river restaurant pontoon floating down river, boats intentionally and in some cases unintentionally breaking away from their moorings and heading down river to avoid damage, people lining the city side to view the spectacle.


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39 thoughts on “Dramatic timelapse footage of Brisbane river flooding the city and boats washing away

  1. It's sad how many people are commenting about how there wasn't even a flood, when lots of lives were lost, homes were destroyed and land was swamped. If you don't know the city, it doesn't seem like much. but those highways are actually very high up. This disaster plagued Brisbane.

  2. 5:00 and if you can see it, that folks, is whats causing lots of crap, catastrophic climate change… it's the monster in the skies… from the north pole to the south pole, that shit isn't good for anything.

  3. Slightly interesting timelapse video of vaguely, like really vaguely dramatic river, with some bits of wood and the very very very odd boat floating past, also quick zoom of helicopter, and grounded jetty with nice blue chairs. Accompanied to the sound of some guy eating crisps or some shit. Filmed in some god forsaken corner of the Earth, probably Australia.

  4. you really haven't used much brain power in placing those buildings there where the river have always been flooding… you simply can't figure it out why it floods… oh wait it have always been flooding you say LOL

  5. Living on the inner north side, many restaurants were closing because fresh produce couldn't be delivered from the southern states due to closed or flooded roads. The only roads open were on higher ground such as Given Tce and Latrobe Tce. In this video, even though vehicles can be seen crossing Captain Cook Bridge, I'm sure the Express Way was closed for one or two days. Any traffic that could move on higher ground was very slow going. I remember cycling from north side to south side just to get food from a Subway at Woolloongabba / Stones Corner. Later on, I was a bit put off to find people laughing at the floating River Walk wash away… and during a time when people like myself struggled; no food and no electricity.

  6. Chinese had major flood at the Yangtze river every 10 years, flood taking hundreds of thousands of lives… So, they've built Three Gorges Dam to control that capricious river. Why don't you?

  7. I don't know if we drive on floods?
    go to Google and check it out
    look now!!

  8. That was good for a laugh.ย  Videos that are sped up, in Benny Hill time, are always funny.ย  I especially enjoyed the helicopters as they went whipping through.ย  lol.

  9. half of those boats that "escaped" magically went UP river first before coming down… so I'm gonna say they were taken out on purpose and moved.

  10. I have been there at this time at holyday, i lived in Bellbowrie for a few weeks. It was flooded too. I've seen the aftermath in Brisbane, it was amazing how the people helped together. Whole underground car parkparks where flooded, Basements too. Full of garbage and rubbish, everywhere.

    Sadly i wont get a long stay visa for australia. that makes me sad, because i loved the people and the way of life there so much.

  11. Probably the most boring video i have ever seen and 5 mins long too ? Absolutely nothing happened and not even had music but the sound of distortion. very odd.

  12. This is fucking boring nothing happened in all video. Was this a prank but no scary face jumped at me in the middle of the video. What's going on Who are you?

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