Delays: Train stopped by herd of unruly caterpillars trying to get to the other side – TomoNews

A JR train met its match this past week when a herd of caterpillars decided to cross the tracks.

The mass of caterpillars covered several meters of track and the train passed over 2 kilometers worth of caterpillars before it suddenly began to slow.

An investigation revealed that the caterpillar juices, which spewed out as the train crushed the little buggers, acted like lubrication. As the wheels lost traction with the tracks the JR was unable to move forward.

In the end the train conductor was forced to reverse the train back to the previous station while workers were sent out to remove the caterpillars.

This is the first time the JR has been stopped because of caterpillars and may be the first incident ever.


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42 thoughts on “Delays: Train stopped by herd of unruly caterpillars trying to get to the other side – TomoNews

  1. it said caterpillars stop train. not caterpillars getssquished by train. GET YOUR TITALS RIGHT GOD DANG IT! ITS NOT THAT HARD

  2. he should of just keept going who cares about calepillers also it is the life chain even the moms can make more calippilers

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