Day 225.5. Crossfire Hurricane – Live From Navy Memorial

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  1. Section 702: is a surveillance authority passed as part of the FISA Amendments Act in 2008. That law amended the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. Under Jimmy Carter.
    Totally 'deep-state' controlled prez.

  2. no·o·sphere (ˈnōəˌsfir/noun):
    a postulated sphere or stage of evolutionary development dominated by consciousness, the mind, and interpersonal relationships (frequently with reference to the writings of Teilhard de Chardin).

  3. @18:36 .. Super glad to hear that I'm not the only one with a spinning head from not understanding the complete picture George is painting.
    I was good at algebra and geometry but trig was tough. George is reporting at a calculous level.

  4. We will see how great you think Obama is when you find out things you haven’t even touched….
    Obama WAS NOT a great president, what an insult to our Veterans… you floor me with your statements … and why I can’t wait to see who your working with when all is said and done…
    You still uncover great things despite your views on what is so obvious … but that’s your issue ;))

  5. If, as you say Obama was born in Kenya, then he is by definition a traitor as well as a liar and a fraud. I suppose you are free to ignore whatever you want to same as everyone else…

  6. Good talk. Very interesting history. Thank you ~ Haven't heard about anybody wearing a wire. The lamestream media is denying that any spying took place, Brennan is saying that spying isn't spying, but spying is okay because it was to protect Trump from Russian spies, and Gowdy has completely flipped out saying that Trump asked to be spied on. All very crazy weird sh$t.

  7. Blago was guilty of a lot things but they used the steal the senate seat to arrest him because they wanted to cover up all the pay-to-play schemes in Illinois that involved the Obama gang and Chicago Mafia – both Democrats and Republican were involved in all of those pay-to-pay schemes that they had to hide.

  8. I sure don't why George keeps saying Obama was a great president when George himself just said he was born in Kenya so he was not even a citizen of this country when he took over the White House. I would never consider a lying fraudulent president a good president.

  9. So……HOW do we get rid of the CIA?? besides President Trump Bombing all their Afghan Opium Factories to cut into their Coup Profits?

  10. My father was born in prague. He was in a baby buggy outside when a bomb went off. His parents(My grandparents) paid a guard to look the other way. They were very well off. They left everything to escape with my father hidden underneath My grandfather's coat. 2 years in Italian refugee camp. They came to Ellis island. Then to Chicago. My grandmother spoke and wrote 7 different languages. They were laborers and worked hard here and loved America. My father became a u.s. citizen when I was in high school. An engineer for international harvester. Thank you for your research and for personal discussions. ☺

  11. George Webb, just learned today that most people trying to escape from Somalia must leave through a camp in Kenya. There was a big group of Somalian’s that left Somalia & resettled in Kenya. After Kenya, a large group of people relocated to Quatar. Even though this group of people are from Somalia, they stay together with other people from Somalia. Eventually, their VISA is approved to relocate in the US. I found it quite interesting, that different groups of people, left Somalia & settled in Kenya. From Kenya, they settled in a large camp in Quatar. Afterwards, the family was able to relocate in the US with other Somalia families. This was another common occurrence in Saint Cloud, Minnesota; with Somalian families. Families left Somalia for Kenya. Remained in a Kenyan camp, and eventually relocated in the US. While other families settled in Kenya, they eventually relocated in Quatar. After a year or two, were able to resettled or relocate in the US, with other Somalian families.

  12. George Webb, I read Stephan Halper was also involved in planning the assassination of President Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Senator Robert F Kennedy; with George HW Bush. Followed by helping to plan & organize the Watergate Break-in. After the burglary, Halper & HW Bush helped to frame President Nixon, for covering up the Watergate Burglary. After the Watergate Burglary, George HW Bush was appointed to be the Head of the CIA. During the spring of 1979, the CIA along w/George HW Bush & Stephan Halper organized the over throw of the Shah of Iran. By the end of July or start of August, the Shah of Iran left Iran & eventually settled in Egypt. On November 4, 1979, 49 American’s we’re kidnapped from the American Embassy. They were not rescued for 464 days, which was January 21, 1981. The summer of 1979, the Iran Contra Scandal was just starting in Nicaragua, with Oliver North, George HW Bush & Stephan Halper.

  13. The DIA Inspector General’s Office, while declining to elaborate on privileged personnel information and matters still under review, told FP the issue was resolved last year, when employee complaints were referred to a body known as the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency.

    “After reviewing the allegations,” and DIA’s written response to them, Kudla said, it determined that the inspector general had “sufficiently addressed the allegations” and “closed the complaint without further action” in March 2016.

    However, according to Foster and Steele, the council did not investigate the matter because it said it did not have jurisdiction over intelligence retaliation complaints, and the council never actually spoke to Foster or Steele.

    “How are you going to close [the investigation] by talking to the subject and no one else? Where’s the report?” Foster told FP.

    Waschull is a member of the council on the training committee.

    On Tuesday, Steele was told the complaint had been forwarded to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The Defense Department Inspector General declined to comment, while the Intelligence Community Inspector General did not respond to request for comment.

    According to Steele, the negative atmosphere has led to a real crisis in confidence of Waschull’s capabilities. In 2016, the agency didn’t publish the results of any new investigations, and if the systemic issues remain unaddressed or ignored by the agency, it could lead to an intelligence community-wide “vulnerability,” Steele told FP.

  14. . Look up Jumpin Jack Flash on Wilipedia these days and basically it sounds like it is saying Trump and Russian were in collusion; Here is the statement: According to the book Keith Richards: The Biography by Victor Bockris, the line, "I was born in a crossfire hurricane", was written by Richards, and refers to his being born amid the bombing and air raid sirens of Dartford, England, in 1943 during World War II. The phrase "Crossfire Hurricane" was later used as the code name for the F.B.I.'s Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Russian assistance into the 2016 election campaign of U.S. President Donald Trump.[13][14]

  15. Huh, he was a great president? Then you’ll follow up that he wasn’t born here, his whole Life is a fake..

  16. Accuracy… from Dartford Tunnel (county of Kent) travel 61 miles north to Cambridge (county of Cambridgeshire). This is why I try and double check your facts.

  17. "Made Of Scars"

    This one came from looking
    This one opened twice
    These two seem as smooth as silk, flush against my eyes
    This one needed stitches and
    This one came from rings
    This one isn't even there, but I feel it more because you don't care

    Yeah, cut right into me
    Yeah, yes I am Made Of Scars
    Yes, I am made of scars

    This one had it coming
    This one found a vein
    This one was an accident, but never gave me pain
    This one was my fathers and
    This one you can't see
    This one had me scared to death,
    But I guess I should be glad I'm not dead!!

    Yeah, cut right into me
    Yeah, because I am made of scars
    Yes, I am made of scars

    God, don't you believe the hype?
    God, don't you believe the hype?
    God, don't you believe the hype?
    God, don't you believe the hype?

    And I will find a way
    Everything you are I will betray
    Oh, I swear that I will find a way
    Everything you are's inside me

    This one was the first one
    This one had a vice
    This one here I like to rub on dark and stormy nights
    This one was the last one,
    I don't remember how
    But I remember blood and rain

    Yeah, cut right into me
    Yeah, yes I am made of scars
    Yes, I am made of scars
    Yes, I am made of scars
    Yes, I am made of scars
    That's what I'm made of!!!

  18. Halpers not the only soul who's accused of hit and run
    Tire tracks all across his back
    I can see he's had his fun
    But Steve can't you see Rahm's signals turn from green to red
    And your criminals got a traffic jam straight up ahead.
    Crossfire hurricane
    we're going to get to you
    we're going to run over you
    all of us will slow you down
    and shut you down all over town

  19. Actually, there are no good guys to the Patriot Act because we all know 9/11 was an inside job and the Patriot Act was just a ploy. Our enemies have always been within our own government. 🙁

  20. Get trained? What do they train them in? Spying? Hacking? So the CIA brings kids in from Foreign Countries to do their dirty work . . . This is all so crazy.

  21. In Jurassic Park when fat boy shits down the system, the park owner tells dude to contact the fat guys people “in Caimbridge!”
    They put it out there for us to see!
    Even Evil has rules!

  22. Missed JK live what a bummer. Nice history lesson George my dad requested rolling stones non stop played 3 days at his funeral. Seen Chuck live as a kid. ..nice vid.

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