Damage revealed after Irma thrashed Key Largo, Florida

All bridges in the Keys closed as crews check for structural damage following impact with Hurricane Irma; Adam Housley reports from Key Largo


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32 thoughts on “Damage revealed after Irma thrashed Key Largo, Florida

  1. It's funny how everything is due to man-made climate change nowadays, and yet everytime there is some sort of natural disaster it's "the strongest since ___ (insert year before industrial revolution here)". What the hell did they blame it on before cars and airplanes? I'm all for less polution and environmentally friendly solutions, but the focus on "man-made climate change" fucks that all up, and only leads to division and arguments among people.

  2. Never a good idea to live in flimsy housing in an hurricane/inundation zone. Never a good idea to ignore evacuation orders. Let's hope that emergency supplies and medical help can arrive soon for survivors stuck on the Keys without electricity, clean water, a functioning sewage treatment plant or emergency services.

  3. Wow, the news would love to find some dead people just to be right lol. This is Florida hurricanes are an every year thing, people with well built house didn't give a crap about this storm.

  4. No cell service means there are NO satellites… What !? Irma knocked out the satellites too ??? No stupid there is NO such thing as satellites there are only ground antennas the earth is FLAT ! And the only space that is real is between your ears stupid.

  5. Be very careful look after your love ones. I am pray for your safety America. Be strong and keep hoping and praying that God will intervene in His own timing. Please do not give up.

  6. U build in hurricane zone u get hurricane weather then career politicians give our tax dollars to bail them out so they can get votes.

  7. Over hyped storm. Fox is looking for the worst damage they could find. Looks like average huricane damage. they should be ashamed. The Cost of Freedom, is in the billions

  8. There are no power lines or blown transformers in Pinellas The Government is doing a power outage test. FIGHT BACK! Sell your power company stocks and delay paying your power company by up to 29 days and buy Elton Musk' s home Solar Power Units

  9. The damage is extremely minimal. You fucking news outlets are having a hard time finding any damage..You fucking morons.

  10. The MSM has been yelling about the biggest hurricane in history for 2 weeks. Everything I have seen looks like a Cat 1. The biggest fake news in history..

  11. This temporary dulling belongs to the Almighty Creator, and if you do not follow from the Rules of our Land Lord Creator you are only going to suffer with disasters before your eviction. And now we have the scientifically proven scripture based on mathematic, the exact science to prove that.

  12. houses need to be 12 ft above sea level , 3 ft thick walls stone .nation keeps paying for rebuilding this . its not fair let. the states that live there pay for it .so build it right

  13. I can understand having a small vacation cottage in the Keys — and treating it like it is disposable — but I cannot understand expecting to live full-time in a large, expensive home in the Keys. The Keys are so exposed and vulnerable to hurricanes and few homes can withstand storm surges and cat 4 winds.

  14. Why do people build homes in a hurricane
    prone area? Why did people with boat homes not sail away to another state while the storm was coming?

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