This video shows you that Crane Collapse At GRSE May Hurt [email protected] Work.

The collapse of a giant crane at State-run Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd (GRSE) a fortnight ago could pose a risk to its ongoing contracts and the ability to take up new orders, most of which are funded by the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard.

On April 17, a ‘Goliath’ crane of 250-tonne capacity collapsed due to heavy winds of 100 kmph at GRSE’s main works unit in Kolkata. There were no casualties. The incident has been kept under wraps by the company management as it comes days after GRSE filed papers with markets regulator SEBI to sell shares in an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The collapsed crane, according to a shipbuilding expert, is damaged and will have to be written off. The structure has blocked the dry dock and the building berth gates.

The module hall where blocks for the P 17-A class frigates are being fabricated was destroyed in the mishap and has become unusable. “This has a direct impact on the P 17-A frigates-building programme. A large store adjoining the building berth has been damaged and is now unusable, further impacting the work at the shipyard. A new Goliath crane has a time-period of 30 months from issue of tender to installation and commissioning. Thus, not only will the ongoing programmes suffer, but this will also impact the contract under negotiation with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for anti-submarine [email protected] shallow water crafts,” said the expert, who has knowledge of the incident.

This could not be independently verified by BusinessLine.

The company, according to sources, has ordered an internal enquiry to establish the cause of accident and fix responsibility.

GRSE could not be reached for comment immediately as its office was closed on Labour Day.

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