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Coast Guard Top Drug Busts Video I

Coast Guard Video: Part one of exciting high seas law enforcement action. These are some of the best clips of drug smuggling interdiction.

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  • r0adraycer says:

    What about Morgenthau (WHEC 722), which resulted in 9 tons of coke, 4 tons of Ganja, and a few illegal sea turtles? I mean where is the outrage for the turtles people???

  • SC Relic Recoverer says:

    loved this clip, my brother was stationed on one of these ships, the 721 not too long ago, now hes in panama stationed, way to go guys, keep up the great work

  • MisterLEM0NS says:

    @ballsy101 A coast guard vessel is essentialy a navy cruiser without guided weaponry. the only real way to stop the boat would be to really OPEN FIRE. the deck mounted .50 and .32s would be utterly useless at range with human operators leaving only the 5 inch automated cannon to do the bidding (if equipt) but there wouldnt be much evidence left over to justify the shooting. So then its upto the helicopters to do the dirty work of spooling up the dillon aeros. Makes for a great day!

  • Michael Shipley says:

    They blow it up? LOL Hilarious. Could have just dropped it all into the ocean and taken the boat back to shore lol. Or at the very least taken it with them to be processed and then properly destroyed.

  • xogmaster says:

    shiat, if i was being shot at i'd run too!

  • hereisthankappan says:

    if this is what they call the top Drug busts , iam deeply ashamed at the coast Guard !

  • mike802 says:

    i didnt get any sound either.

  • Hatchetman6971 says:

    Probably classified.

  • Tzerkit619 says:

    damn! nice vid!!

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