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Coast Guard Rescues Man in Bubble

Reza Balucchi was 70 miles off the coast of Florida when he signaled for help.

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  • Denis Bourk says:

    guy is an idiot

  • reza baluchi says:

    Reza did not signal for help! This is misinformation!!! Reza never signaled for help from the Coast Guard. They have since admitted that he was taken against his will! Now, the Coast Guard has given Reza their blessing and he has secured &100,000 of insurance for the trip. If you took the time to listen, you would know that Reza does not drink or smoke or do any of those things, So all you negative people, see you at the finish line as we celebrate world peace!!!

  • Giacomo Ferrario says:

    He is an Ignorant, drugged out ASSHOLE. Trying to get attention for Himself while putting Coast Guard lives in danger. Two Massive Planes had to be put up in the air, wasting FUEL worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND PERSONNEL PUT IN DANGER OUT AT SEA….F*** this asshole. Drown idiot.

  • Giacomo Ferrario says:

    HE SHOULD BE CHARGED FOR THIS EXPENSE $$$$$. Thousands of dollars in fuel and man hours!!! He also puts Coast Guard Personnel in Danger and takes them away from HELPING OTHERS WITH KIDS OR THOSE "WORKING AT SEA" WHO NEED ASSISTANCE! The ASSHOLE says, 'ok, I go, I continue to go in his ignorant dialect'. typical!!! Let him DROWN!!! He loves Himself. Narcissist. F** him! We have no patience for this. drown. gf, US Army Veteran, Sgt. 9th Div.

  • MassDynamic says:

    i think this man vastly overestimated his capabilities and underestimated the amount of food/water supply needed to make the journey, specially when he's the one that's going to be doing the propelling. he can be going against water currents and wind currents which will increase the food/water he will need. that craft also has no reliable steering mechanism.

  • blake westmoreland says:

    let him sink to the bottom of the ocean next time. dumb ass

  • Ja'h'el Cathartes Aura says:

    I always think that anyone who does high-risk activities should be legally required to pay for all rescues & such out of their own pocket – ideally in the form of a refundable or partially refundable deposit to cover the projected rescue costs. Public/govt should not hafta pay any price (in money or in risk to staff) for risky behavior choices made by independent individuals!

  • Legion says:

    I sure hope the tax payer is not flipping the bill for his rescue!
    It's VERY expensive just for the helicopter alone!

  • ThE DuCk says:

     Man in a bubble  .. doing something stupid and needing  to be rescued ,,, hmmm ? He must be a Republican

  • Stormmy Tran says:

    How does he use the toilet in that bubble?

  • lisa says:

    People are so stupid. 

  • SSArt98 says:

    He should pay for the rescue!

  • coltcomphbar says:

    What a moron

  • BeautyHealthZoneBlog says:

    On another news story I saw they claimed that he got lost….So, he did have navigation tools, how could he get lost then?

    And no food to eat for such a high energy journey….Very brave.

  • Rolando Pretto says:

    Real bubble dumbass 

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