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Coast Guard rescues 3 from capsized boat off New Jersey

A boat crew from Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light, N.J., pulls three people out of the water after the boat they were on capsized. The three individuals were aboard the Lady Lisa when it capsized in Little Egg Inlet, N.J. Video shot by Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Bontempo

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  • ProMo Games And More says:

    Good job! They did it. Saved more lives :)

  • VK4LA says:

    all those Men and Women do a GREAT JOB …well done …..

  • PeturTh Petursson says:

    good documention to lern from and well done compared to the situation. This is exactly the situation where the Markusnet would have worked its best.

  • Bionicpix says:

    Get your free vessel check by the USCG Auxiliary to make sure you have the necessary safety equipment should this happen to you. Proper life jacket for each on board came in handy.

  • The South 803 says:

    how the hell do you capsize a godamn boat in those waters? lol

  • Toni2c14 says:

    No, not your mother! That's me!

  • Abe Kipnis says:

    that was my mother on that boat.

  • Gareth Dowling says:

    Do you do things like this often, dhslawdog?

  • Toni2c14 says:

    Ace…The boat began taking on water in the rear and then in the cabin. To my knowledge, it is unknown what caused this water to come in the boat. The owner of vessel called "Mayday" before boat capsized. It literally took boat only 3 minutes to fill with water and turn over. The boat was recovered and is not sitting at bottom of ocean. I agree thank God our Coast Guard and the NJSP, heard the Call out for help! The NJSP (who drove out from A.C.) arrived immediately after the Coast Guard!

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