Coast Guard Battles Fire On Oil Platform In Gulf of Mexico
Officials have reported the rescue of 4 people that were on a oil rig that had caught fire early this morning. Details on what caused the fire have not been released. Stay tuned for more updates.

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26 thoughts on “Coast Guard Battles Fire On Oil Platform In Gulf of Mexico

  1. wonder if its tied to an earthquake anywhere near by     I hope they are all ok    that would be very scary to be on that thing to begin with     wow

  2. Ok, here we go again!?
    After so many "Oil Disasters" these guys still can't get it right??? Seems to me, modern drilling rigs, usually located in sensitive ecologies, (because they are forbidden to drill in more sensible areas) are not being properly operated, dispite all of Obamy's EPA Regs! Amazing huh?
    I'm beginning to think the major corp's out there trying to provide us (every human) with practical, inexpensive energy, are so over run with Reg's that tie their pockets up financially, are cutting costs at the production sites, thus resulting in these " accidents"???
    Is this the result of over reaching, financially burdensome regulations that simply line the pockets of particular government officials, and put the people and the environment at risk???
    We definitely need common sense pratical solutions to oil production in the US. However, These burdensome reg's are hindering common sense and practical safety measures, and replaces these ideals with "whatever it takes payoffs" to government. Is this the real cause for these disasters??? Think about it for awhile.
    Seems to me, more ownerous regs = less safety! It's become more important to just to pass the reg's, than actually being safe! Better technologies have become industry standards, but they're not operating more safely at the same time.
    Research the last gulf spill and you'll find, as I did, the oil companies are able skirt real safety measures as long as they "pay up" to the EPA. That's the unfortunate consequence of over reaching beaurocracy and financially burdening businesses with such stiff compliance fees. Learn it folks! It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I can only hope Trump fixes these things too!

  3. why are they not guarding the coast of the gulf? They need to be worried about illegals flooding the coast from Mexico. Get your head in the game Coast Guard.

  4. Hello everybody. Just wanted to point out/ remind everyone that the BP Oil Spill just "happened" to be on Fucktard Obama's watch also. Imagine that!! I have a sneaky suspicion that these and others are ALSO BY DESIGN. (And the illegal spraying/poisoning all the affected waters with their "CORE EXIT". ( That name alone is interesting too.)

  5. Till this earth is completely in flames ? the media will stay husshhh! They get paid for that. Evil EVIL people wickedness is going to catchup with us all. Grrrrrrrr???


  7. You'd think the MSM, left-wing would be all over an oil spill in the gulf. Ruining nature, or perhaps they know something about why it happened and aren't to report the facts…

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