CNN Host Blasts Former Navy SEAL for Being Skeptical About Trump-Russia Reports


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30 thoughts on “CNN Host Blasts Former Navy SEAL for Being Skeptical About Trump-Russia Reports

  1. Carl you should have taken out everyone of the domestic enemies at that table! CNN hasn't told the public the truth in years and Carl is 100% RIGHT! And, CNN doesn't have ANY stellar reporters what a load of CRAP!

  2. The news media is hiding behind the anonymous source that they fabricated to create the narrative of a manufactured lie in order to maintain the controversy that hikes their ratings and therefor attracts idiot sponsors that pay wasted salaries of Social Marxist adjuncts with the erroneous title of Reporter.


  4. That gal in the middle is an idiot. All she's doing is continuing to egg-on the argument and then, the black guy to say there at the end that the Navy Seal was embarrassing himself? What's embarrassing or, shall I say, it would be if these people hadn't been creating their own news for the last 50-60 years, is how these people continue to lie

  5. So how is CNN different from the Democratic party? These CNN people are no different from any Democrat in Congress who is spewing this Russia BS. These are not journalists.

    I love how she cites the Washington Post, the NY Times and other anti-Trump media as if that proves anything.

  6. CNN: The absolute bottom of the bucket in terms of news, believability, and people. If you're still watching CNN, you're either an idiot or an idiot.

  7. Bahahahahahahaha. Now THAT people, is a REAL Man. Unlike that nasty cunt yelling at him clapping her hands. He never flew off the handle and instead, made a statement of complete COMMON SENSE.

    I guess CNN must not like be "Called Out" for Fake Stories anymore? I thought she was going to give birth to a baby Heifer she was making so much noise.

    So how do TWO FORMER Officials find out what the content in the Meeting was about anyways? That level of leakage is called TREASON. The CNN Reporter should be Jailed in Gitmo until he or she gives up the Treasonous Unnamed Sources. Who's to say they won't sell their "Scoops" to Iran or North Korea next time???

  8. That fat whore needs her mouth shut with some Cock from that seal. And then go make some sandwiches.

  9. I think they are lying.  Every media outlet that correspondent just named is owned by George Soros and they are all liberal biased.  I seriously think that they are lying about having a source.  If there were only 3 people in the room, McMasters, the Russian rep and Trump then who are the 2 sources ??

  10. I watched my best friends the people I thought I knew and cared about me, turned against me because of this man. The people I thought cared about me turned on me like a pack of wolves and Trinity very ugly disgusting people and I apologize for everything that I've said because I know that none of you deserved it.

  11. The world watched one man continuously every single tweet every single TV appearance he has ridiculed America in the worst ways and there were people applauding him. it disgusted me to the core that I was one of the few people in Alabama who was not applauding and was getting attacked for it

  12. i apologize for everything. i will admit i have anger issues. I grew up in Alabama, surrounded by hate and racism. Because I did not like trunk and that I was against him I received many physical emotional mental attacks against me that was so bad that I did eventually have to move to avoid a worse fate.
    I have anger issues and the reason is because I have watched my hometown be consumed by hatred. it has broken my heart watched my best friends my coworkers turned into such horrible people over politics.

  13. I think naming sources is important….because any moron can say anything about anyone. How do we know it's true.
    As soon as a liberal is confronted with facts and common sense, they get angry and go into attack mode. So unprofessional.

  14. So she is batshit nuts over some information that may or may not have been shared. Where was this sort of insane behavior over the FACT that Hillary sent 30 plus thousand sensitive emails from her personal email server? Crickets………
    They just keep proving my point over and over again. These damned liberals are so hypocritical it is disgusting.

  15. These so called "stellar reporters" getting oddly emotional when their partisan worldview is challenged with fact

  16. Most people really don't have good memories. Just as soon as Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, last year, or was it 2015? Anyway, just as soon as he did announce he was running for president, the lame stream news media started calling him a racist and anti-semitic. I thought, 'That's awful strange. Hasn't the news media, many, many times reported that Donald Trump was a friend of Israel, and hasn't Donald Trump promoted many, many black athletes over the years?"
    If you have any intelligence at all, ignore everything bad the lame stream news media says about Donald Trump, because so far, everything they have said about him has proven to be false.

  17. "I've been listening to this BS…" which means he was listening to CNN and the standard Democrat deceptions.
    Democrats and CNN, and most media, except Fox to some extent, are deceptive Anti-American scum. Dems and their media propaganda are causing as much trouble for America as the Nazis created for Germany in the thirties. Dems are evil, and their mouthpieces: CNN, etc. are wholly evil. There might be, in the common crowd, many ignorant followers who are afraid to disagree with the Democrat, so they aren't necessarily evil, but they are merely weak and afraid humans. Given the violent nature of Democrats and their Brownshirt thugs, such as Black Lives Matter, etc., it is easy to sympathize with these tag-alongs, but it doesn't make it right.
    God bless D Trump and real Americans. God bless America.

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