Chinese Navy Steals US Navy’s Underwater Drone in South China Sea | Complaint Logged with Beijing

Chinese warship seizes US underwater drone in international waters

Official says drone deployed by American oceanographic vessel in South China Sea was taken by Chinese navy on Thursday

A Chinese navy warship has seized an underwater drone deployed by an American oceanographic vessel in international waters in the South China Sea, triggering a formal diplomatic protest and demand for its return from the United States, a US defense official told Reuters on Friday.

The incident – the first of its kind in recent memory – took place on Thursday north-west of Subic Bay just as the USNS Bowditch, an oceanographic survey ship, was about to retrieve the unmanned, underwater vehicle (UUV), the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“The UUV was lawfully conducting a military survey in the waters of the South China Sea,” the official said.

“It’s a sovereign immune vessel, clearly marked in English not to be removed from the water – that it was US property.”

The Chinese seizure will add to concerns about China’s growing military presence and aggressive posture in the disputed South China Sea, including its militarization of maritime outposts.

A US thinktank reported this week that new satellite imagery indicated that China has installed weapons, including anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems, on all seven artificial islands it has built in the South China Sea.

The seized underwater drone was part of an unclassified program to collect oceanographic data, including salinity, temperature and clarity of the water, the official added.
Such data can help inform US military sonar data, since sound is affected by such factors.

The US issued the formal demarche, as such protests are known, through diplomatic channels and included a demand that China immediately return the underwater drone.

The Chinese have acknowledged the demarche but not responded to it, the official added.

The US ship had stopped to pick up two underwater drones, CNN reported. A Chinese ship that had been shadowing it put a small boat into the water and took one of the drones, according to the network.
The move comes after US president-elect Donald Trump called into question the longstanding US foreign policy of maintaining formal relations with Beijing instead of Taiwan, which China considers a breakaway province. He also spoke directly with Taiwan’s president, the first such contact since 1979. Both moves have infuriated China.


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15 thoughts on “Chinese Navy Steals US Navy’s Underwater Drone in South China Sea | Complaint Logged with Beijing

  1. They were not soldiers you idiot, they were unarmed civilians. Get your chopsticks in order along with your rifi not WiFi !

  2. Operating in International waters using submeged vehicles in areas of contention would likely require a secondary system to offset the possibility of the vessel being taken by the enemy.

  3. They will reverse engineer it , just like every other thing they make , they steal any tec then can gets their grubby little hands on and make copy's.

  4. For those of you un-informed zombies who jump on the band wagon of trump bashing. Check out Chinese military confronts US spy plane on your favorite liberal corporate lobbyist news media CNN back in 2015 (who's in office then?). NAFTA (clintons) made this all possible by horrible trade deals that allowed our jobs to go over seas (china, mexico, etc…). This allowed countries such as this to take all these billions of dollars to build the military and man made islands we are now dealing with. THANKS A LOT!!!! Clintons and Obama. Now they want TPP!!! They are criminals. They have sold out the American people. Wake up people.

  5. The cairo declaration of 1943 signed by the USA stated: we will do Anything in our power to force Japan to surrender n return ALL lands they occupied by force from other nations, the so called disputed islands where forcefully taken by the Japanese when they attacked China in1893 not long B4 they attacked n took Manchuria in the 1930s but the usa went back on their word n now by some "miracle a japanese business man "owned" them islands n he sold them to japan, was this an attempt to probe chinese underwater defences by any chance but when found out their spy drone became a survey underwater drone? the days i used to believe what Washington said are over now for me n most people round the world, n they only go themselves to blame

  6. I always think how it would be the other way around – like if China had a drone watching the American fleet in the Gulf of mexico – they wouldn't like it.

  7. Chinese should have gave it back already but they even harassed those US Navy soldiers for deploying that drone….I see this indeed an act of war.

  8. Motherfuckers, time to put China in its place mobilize and sink that fucking ship. Fuck China and fuck every motherfucking chinese communist. Alternative start full relationships with Taiwan and encourage them to seek full independence that should properly piss the shit bags off enough.

  9. what happened to your underwater spy drone that you were using to spy on the Chinese? …they stole it when they found out where it was and now I'm angry and am going to try to make it look like they did something bad and not me. fox logic.

  10. awesome they stole the piece if equipment we use to spy on them. dare them. allow it to roam free near their territory. .we don't mind other nations sending drones sky or underwater near our coast…right?….do you think America wouldn't "steal" one of them if they happen to be detected near by…hypocrisy.

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