Chinese aircraft carrier enters South China Sea

Tensions increasing in region; reaction from Gordon Chang, Asian analyst and author of ‘Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World’


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40 thoughts on “Chinese aircraft carrier enters South China Sea

  1. Gordon Chang: why china still hasn't collapsed? and why the media still ask me to talk after all the bullshit I have made about China? I think I know why. I should talk more bullshit about China and the more I do so, the more I can earn money from those media.

  2. I prefer American Navy over Chinese Navy in South China Sea anytime. But all that you have shown us so far is that you pussies are scared of China. You are the most untrustworthy ally ever. Disgrace!

  3. Funny!!!  Yankee can sail in South China Sea as freedom of navigation..  However,  other country such as China doing this is aggression.

  4. Chinese aircraft carrier enters the South China sea??? Really that is provocative??? You mean to say that they had left their harbor?? Maybe the problem lays in the fact that America only recognize 2 seas instead of 7. The West American sea, and the East American sea.

  5. Okinawa? Did that guy just say the Chinese want to take over Okinawa? Is he serious? When have they ever said anything about Okinawa? The Spratleys, sure. But not Okinawa…

  6. Would you be surprised if you hear news saying an American carrier sails into Gulf of Mexico? Come on people, nothing to make a fuss about.

  7. The US surrounded China entirely and acts as if a rich country doesn't have the right to modernize its military LOL

  8. China has 1 carrier. America has 10.
    China has 1 overseas military base. America has hundreds of overseas bases.
    And China is the aggressor? Bullshit. Thanks, Faux news.

  9. The coming tensions with China (because of Donald) will be epic. You thought Russia was scary… wait till China unleashes its fury. Fcuk me! We'll likely prevail, but it's gonna be a nail biter.

  10. How are they an 'aggressor' when the USA sails in the same area with their navy? So China cannot do the same? WTF is wrong with these mouthpieces for corporate warmongers?

  11. Some American should stop imagining themselves as world police, and stir up the whole world by triggering wars here and there. I believe you have so many domestic concerns that need to be taken care of. Just leave China alone.

  12. Plus Japan never apologised nor admit the fact that they killed so many lives back in Nanjing. People should stop commenting on things they don't know. It's hurtfil

  13. One Chinese carrier is an oil slick.

    Two Chinese carriers are floating debris.

    Three Chinese carriers are a vigorous morning work out for the Pacific Fleet.

    Four Chinese carriers means lunch is going to be delayed.

    The US Navy has 12 heavy carriers and more Assault Ships than the Chinese navy has Cruisers.

    We can stop panicking now.

  14. I know with absolute certainty that China has a profound dirty core objective that is to forcefully conquer land and buy all commercial and residential Real estate not only in Asia but the world over. They have not only done in Australia and New Zealand, they have literally bought half of Africa fertile land. They have nearly bought 30% of French Wineries, house and manors in England and Germany, now they have invested billions, in Vancouver BC, Seattle Washington, New York area, Miami Florida, Oregon and nearly 65% of all real estate deals over $1 million in the State of California have been bought by the Chinese Government via third parties and under the pretext of an investment schemes.

    You see them [Chinese] throughout Southern California driving Porsches, Maserati Audi, Mercedes Benz, living in opulent neighborhood but in depth they are all unsophisticated brutes; for they are rude, mal-civilized, loud, inconsiderate and filthy. My aunt resides in the wealthier enclave of San Marino California and in 2000 nearly 97% of the resident were hard working, upper-middle class Anglo descent. Today 47% are Chinese and is going down hill , yet no one complain out lout, they just murmured behind close doors and smile in public. The city is falling apart they [Chinese] have bought all these homes with dirty, corrupt, stolen monies .

    enough is enough. I had it with these Chinese.

  15. The reason why they don't let it go is because the damage was far greater than in America and was just as bad as the Holocaust.

  16. Every time you buy a product made in China your giving them another dollar to put towards purchasing another aircraft carrier/bomb/plane to possible use against us. I think people forgot that over the years…

  17. you know what: this is not even news around the world , and usa is talking like the world is at war, your media is really f..king you people up mentally, so sad for this fl'ee world.

  18. America can conduct military practices in American waters, why it that when China that only has one aircraft carrier does the same in its territory waters. That is considered "aggressive". Seems a bit one-sided !

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