Chine Stole U.S. Underwater Drone

No one is afraid of us. They have ZERO Respect.
With Glenn Woods 12/16/16


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2 thoughts on “Chine Stole U.S. Underwater Drone

  1. 2016 USA spent so far 622 Billion on military, shame homeless poverty poor education no jobs student debt. SHAME USA DNA of violence. USA first to kill, nukes, napalm, depleted uranium, cluster bombs, agent orange, first to kill with drones.Shame what goes around comes around SHAME USA. Yankee stay home.

  2. USA STUCK ON STUPID, here is your proof. WE own the world disease The Collective neurosis of America, finds you dumb found in the lost and found begging for your shit back. More white trash to take out to the garbage. USA lost a spy drone to IRAN now to another China. USA is like a BIG POT BELLY PIG you know like Chris Christie, just a matter of Time for obesity becomes suicidal. America, "another mule kicking in your stall". USA fear is all you know, and that becomes self sabotage. What goes around comes around, USA wars since TRUMAN, "we own the world disease", America is sick and the world knows this.

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