China’s J-20 Looks Dangerous – But Can It Crush U.S. F-22 Raptor?

China’s J-20 fighter, the first of what could be several 5th generation fighters from Beijing made a big splash, debuting publically yesterday.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, “two J-20 jet fighters hurtled over hundreds of spectators, including several foreign military delegations, in a 60-second flyover during Tuesday’s opening ceremony of Airshow China, the country’s biggest aerospace and defense exhibition.” The report continued, noting that “The jets, whose thundering engines set off alarms in cars parked below, underlined China’s recent progress in developing air power that the U.S. and its allies are concerned may be used to assert Beijing’s territorial claims in the region and other broader strategic interests. Showcasing the radar-evading fighter is also an attempt to bolster China’s efforts to export stealth fighter technology…”

But we all know the real question: how would the plane do against the world’s best fighters? Say America’s F-22 Raptor?
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46 thoughts on “China’s J-20 Looks Dangerous – But Can It Crush U.S. F-22 Raptor?

  1. I see a crappy mix of both F-22 and F-35 but China doesn't know how to make Jets or Airplanes at all. I strongly believe the F-22 could destroy this sitting duck made by the Chinese. They nor Russia can not match America's stealth fighter superiority. Also China's manufacturing complex isn't built for making Military equipment that's in America's corner but China's manufacturing is mostly owned by American companies lol. If we had to we could probably super manufacture the F-22 or if we Finnish the F-35 program then we would mass produce the F-35 I would suggest China not messing with us.

  2. Восхитительный канал! С меня подписка и поддержка!Ожидаю с вашей стороны понимания друг к другу.Ведь говориться так:кто пытаеться тот добьется!

  3. well, what is this crap called J20…..just another copy of another aircraft without much understanding it's purpose. so why did China build it….. coz Big brother Sam got one, so steal his plans and build a Paper Tiger that can fly…..we all know China's a rip off nation…. not much on intelligence, only intelligence they have is Steal & Copy, other's works of intelligence!!!

  4. the actual design of j20 is not wt we are seeing …………i think the real fighter is completely different and this is just a testbed


  6. NO Aircraft is dangerous and safe against S.A.M. sites, missile batteries or anti-air missiles. weather it's an American made aircraft, Russian made or Chinese made. no Aircraft can Outrun or survive S.A.M.

  7. Somehow the PRC has made hyper leaps in tech at amazingly short time spans. Their Anti Sat and anti carrier missile that shocked the west. Their Stealth fighters are improving exponentially . A country that was a failed state before 1948, is now challenging its erstwhile tormentors.
    A matter of time before it becomes #1.

  8. China does not need to outperform the F-35 nor F-22; we just need to be comparable to the US planes. We may be even lesser than the US, but our advantage over the American is that China is always in a defence posture US ned to come from 9,000 km to get to China, that is China's advantage ! W will attack the Americans from land bases,

  9. i think you guy miss the point. the future of the us air to air will be mass stealth drones. each one able to out maneuver any human flown aircraft. the air force and navy are already working on this and have been for a wile. and if we in the us start taking them for for what they are (an enemy) and start doing more to prevent them from stealing everything they can get there hands on then there wont be any problem dusting them off when the time comes. china has made itself clear they are patient and they will give the us time to give up and let them take over all of Asia. but its not going to happen. so eventually there will have to be a war. its unavoidable unless china stops thinking they should control Asia.

  10. did anybody notice route when the actual video of the Jets started when they went to cross paths at like 30 something seconds made some very unnatural movements and I don't think that was shaking at the camera looked really weird artificial in nature

  11. looks like a turd , never understood how they did manage to make a fighter plane so ugly, it is a fusion of the european canard fighters with the cheeks of a superhornet, the wings of an f22 with the inlets of an f35

  12. Funny. The Russian and Chinese 5th Gen aircraft are most likely well behind the F-22 and -35 planes and may be 5th Gen in name only. Even our F-22 is dated now with the software and tech used. I'm guessing that the competition is even further behind than that. Also, having a prototype or 3 is not the same as having numerous active squadrons or wings.

  13. If this is what passes for stealth or low observable tech in China they must think potential export partners are idiots. Look at all the junk hanging off the wings man! on radar this will show up as big as an F-15 in full combat mode. If I'm the U.S. fighter jockey looking at my threat radar I gonna feed these Chinese pilot's a heaping helping plate of BVR goodness. There is no way a J-20 jock see's my Raptor before see him, I don't know what the Chinese expect this plane to be, ground support, point defense, BVR intercept, fighter or maybe it's just build the damn thing and it will find the role it is suppose to perform on it's own a fake it till you make scenario.I bet good money this is a turkey that can't hunt,can't fight and can't run away.

  14. To call this a fighter is not doing it justice. It's not. The T-50 is a fighter, this is a sniper. And it doesn't have to kill a raptor, it can kill the KCs that support the f-22, and we aren't likely to keep our limited f-22s around Kadena where they can maintain air superiority for the air bases in Japan.

  15. people been saying f 22 plans were stolen by china for years. but Obama a weak president as he was did nothing about it. I wonder what china would do if we stolen there plans of a stealth fighter or a new Super stealthy submarine. China would flip there shit Obama just said "oh well, oops" and went golfing. then the leaders say we stopped building f 22 cause the software it uses is out dated. really? wow lol

  16. 这玩意儿没鸡巴鸟用。航母上有激光炮之后,什么导弹都不怕了。

  17. nothing special, China had been world number one for at least 5 thousands years, US only pick up by suck off stupid European wealth via 2 WWs. Now whst China done is pick up back previous glory.

  18. Leave all the speculations, black propaganda etc. till that day. Stupid commentary. The Chinese LIKELY stole…. blah… blah…. blah….LIKELY??? Lol…. I have my DOUBTS…… DOUBTS???? , What's all this crap then??? Lol 😀 Everything will be clear when it happens.

  19. The Chinese are smart people. I have no doubt they will soon be able to produce a decent jet engine. The question is, what will America have when Ĉhina finälly gets its jet into production?

  20. Is it just me maybe but, the aircraft looks to be rather unstable. From the videos it appears either the plane itself is, or the pilot is constantly over correcting. Kind of wobbles around in the air in almost all the videos of it flying.

  21. well there is no super power now…Chinese just crushed USA now its time for China to beat that White Mises who are sucking innocent blood …

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