China Will Next Bolster Pakistan Navy

This video shows you that China Will Next Bolster Pakistan Navy.

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China’s military cooperation with Pakistan will involve bolstering the Pakistani navy next, an expert on China-Pakistan relations said on Friday, pointing to Pakistan’s planned acquisition of eight submarines from China as one of the “biggest and most significant” markers of their relationship.
“China will continue to bolster Pakistan’s military, and the navy is clearly the next phase of this,” Andrew Small, author of the “China-Pakistan axis: Asia’s new geopolitics” told The Hindu, adding the move would be driven by China’s increasing commitment to the economic corridor running from Xinjiang to Pakistan’s Gwadar port.
In October 2015, Pakistan had announced its decision to acquire eight Type 41 Yuan-class diesel-electric submarines, half of which may be built in Pakistan while the other half would be made in China and transferred.
According to Mr. Small, who visited Delhi recently, China’s $40 billion investment in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will make a larger naval presence in the Gwadar port a necessity. However, he added there were “benefits for India” if the CPEC resulted in an “economically stable Pakistan”. “One mustn’t discount the benefits to the region too, if China is able to restrain Pakistan’s activities in Afghanistan.” Mr. Small pointed to Pakistan’s statement of support to China over the South China Sea verdict as another significant marker of the relationship, but added that concerns in India about China’s forays in the Indian Ocean were “premature.”
In stronger position “Asia Pacific peace weighs more heavily for the Chinese leadership, intrinsically, at the moment. You have the pattern of submarines in Sri Lanka, Maldives, and in Pakistan and I think they expect to be able to expand their presence in the Indian Ocean, but they are substantially weaker there. The Indians and the Americans are in a substantially stronger position there,” Mr. Small said.
Ties between India and China have been under a strain for several reasons, including the economic corridor that India has objected to as it traverses through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. On China’s opposition to India’s Nuclear Suppliers Group membership, Mr. Small believes Beijing will continue to stick to its stand that India’s membership was contingent on a “process”. However, he added that if a process would allow India to become a member later this year and would open a door for Pakistan, it would be a “harder call” for China to hold out.
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18 thoughts on “China Will Next Bolster Pakistan Navy

  1. After bolstering Pakistan military… They own entire pakistan's economy like noodles in a bowl…

    Pakistan is already in debt of 58 billion dollars to china. And recently they gave up the rights over gwadar port for 40 years of duty free trade and control of entire port management. Next Chinese will give some free bees like subs with loan and some destroyer with loan. Then, they will ask them to pay the interest rates first… At that time pakistan won't have much left to pay since, they already gave up the CPEC funds to china to keep them in that project… Slowly they will try to take over Pakistan's economy and control a nuclear powered country to protect it's rights and make troubles to other..

    Pakistan should stayed with USA. There funds for pakistan gave much freedom to spend and are not loans. Which will ease some pain over their economy. The time that they realize what is happening nothing will be done…

    Hope they understand it. Sri lankans are much quicker to understand when they lost a lot of land and economy to the china on the development of new port by their funding's.

    I am not saying that pakistan should stay as an ally with india or something like that. You guys need your own things to develop rather than going to some butcher… China is that butcher…

  2. chinese navy and submarines are one of the worst(quality wise) in P5s.
    Its quality is even worse then indian navy, so it doesn't even matter for indian navy either they improve fleet of burma, srilanka or pakistan.
    India is currently discussing with russia for leasing yasen class subs, basically its technological aspecs, which going to be crucial in making of india next 6 ssn subs.
    my pak counterpart can argue with me but like a civilise man and without abusive language.

  3. CPEC… and chinese intervention in pakistan can only benifit india becoz…china would not like to jepordise its investments in CPEC….so pakistani adventurism and india centric policy would be curtailed by china… as for china – its agressive geopolitics would be its undoing internationally.

  4. This guy lacks credible information on strategic issues,just gives a rant of PaaKIssTaan,does'nt even know how to pronounces PAKISTAN.So much for his knowledge,

  5. please, put me wise when M777 howitzer and Russia's S400 is scheduled to be delivered and be inducted for action ? or these are also lingering for the permission of some Bhandari , which will not materialise until he gets his corrupt Dollars to be distributed among all the crooks involved in these deals also.

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