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China-US relations face uncertainty after Trump’s controversial remarks

US President-elect Donald Trump has made some very sensitive remarks on China, raising concerns that the relationship between China and the United States will be more uncertain in the future. CCTV’s Ning Hong has the story.

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  • BluesCreation09 says:

    I just couldn't understand why Donald Duck is continuing making remarks over and over again about China. He keeps saying making Ameritards great again but that is fine. You need not keep telling Ameritards that China is to be blamed for the Ameritards economy. You do not need to trade with China and buy anything from China. Who said that you must trade with China and buy from China? Money is yours and buy from whom ever you like. China don't give a flying fuck who you purchase or trade with. Just leave China out of the equation and concentrate your trading plan with other countries you deemed fit. Fucking moron.

  • 6packter says:

    whose rump will trump hum? a playboy centre fold?

  • aservantofyhvh says:

    Soon my focus shall be upon the leadership of China……………my curses shall be legendary !!!

  • thndrngest says:

    China is even more confident dealing with Trump than Obama… businessman thinks… like a businessman, just watch.

  • usaopympia says:

    Trump wants to colonize Taiwan just liked they did in philipene.Korea and Japes.

  • 青石朴树谷道玄牝东山神秀玉泉当阳 says:

    China should abandon deplorable yankee subhumans which are by all means the disgrace of human society.

  • Fred Gardner says:

    such horseshit over nothing.

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