China Steals US Navy Drone | China Uncensored

Is the Chinese Navy threatening the US? Or are they just dumb? Because they lifted a US scientific underwater drone right out of the water. And now, once again, we have an international incident.

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32 thoughts on “China Steals US Navy Drone | China Uncensored

  1. I bet those shady Chinese dollar stores are now packed with cheap counterfeit marine drones that measure oceanic conditions!

  2. Breaking down highly controversial, inherently complex, international affairs. Into pre-school children's playground arguments. God I love you Chris.

  3. Obama just told them to "knock it off" like he told Putin… China's lucky he's leaving office soon otherwise, he might have drawn a red line and then do absolutely nothing when they cross it because that's how a "real" world leader leads. What a joke…

  4. What who obama, was he not the cross walk guard that had this idea to fix change everyone into lib brainwashing crap machines. ohh that guy. did he not get FIRED, OHHH HEY THATS HIM. LOSER

  5. Pentagon totally says they weren't spying at all and they're deeply hurt by the fact that anyone could suspect them of doing such a thing. Yeah, I totally believe the American deep government because hey, China's the bad guys, right? Am I right?

    It's probably not a spy plane, though, since they're willing to return it. We probably wouldn't even have heard about it if it was a spy plane. I'm just slightly annoyed by Chris' unabashed bias when it comes to US vs CCP. The communists being really bad doesn't mean that you can actually trust American white papers.

  6. An U.S. navy drone found in South China sea and China took it to see what it was, then gave it back, it is not stealing. U.S. say they were just simply measuring ocean conditions, ok? but why don't they measure somewhere closer to their own place? why all the way in South China Sea?  In America, what would you do if a stranger walks around your house or stands on the side walk looking through your window? your gonna go out ask the stranger who he is what he wants and ask him to leave. Same thing. I am not taking China's side, just seeing the media blaming everything on China. That's not right.

  7. Lest you think Obama is still president, I would direct you to the official response of the Russian foreign ministry where a duckling was posted with the word LAME superimposed across the front.  And, if you thought this was a childish exchange, look up the guitar playing 'grizzley' bear from,… again the Russian foreign ministry.  Me thinks that Trump is not going to put up with the Chinese charm offensive too much.  China had better watch its six.  Flynn and Trump will give Adm Harris a lot of latitude on dealing with this nonsense, rather than micromanage as Obama [ read David Pfluff, Ben Rhodes, Valerie Jarrett] has done.

  8. wow did the chinese come all the way to america to steal a drone??? you litttttttle crafty zionist youuuuu, goutshi goutshi goooo

  9. Let them keep it. I don't support trump, but this is still the most logical way to avert a war, and piss off the ccp

  10. Placing a remotely activated self-destruct device with about 5lbs of C4 should be how the US handles future similar incidents involving stolen drones. The Chinese are some of the rudest asshole people I've ever met. Brute force is the only thing they respect or understand.

  11. I think Trump will be ideal to hold the Oval Office, especially when it comes to diplomatic issues like this. We've had a weak president for the last 8 years, and this is precisely why Putin continued to pull his stunts in Ukraine and China proceeded to build artificial islands for military purposes. I guarentee if we didn't have a weak president, China would not bother starting a crisis in the South China Sea. Obama has never made a fist in his life, and if he did, it wasn't for fighting.

    There's nothing wrong with "Peace through strength" or as a fellow Republican once put it, "Speak softly and walk with a big stick". Strength works. I don't believe Trump is optimal compared to other potential Republican candidates, but he's damn sure not Clinton and I'm satisfied with that. I look forward to him telling China to 'stick it', along with Saudi/Qatar.

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