china secret ship attacks Japan Coast Guard 5



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  1. "Chinese secret ship" isn't the correct title. It should be "Chinese Spy Ship" instead. China uses lots of these kinds of "fishing boats" to spy on their "foes". If you observe, there's only some fishnets on the boat and no sign of any kind of fish on it or any other fishing gear like cages on the ship. Usually, those "fishing boats" are well equipped with all sorts of electronic devices to spy on the vessels navigating nearby and on any surroundings submarines. Those "fishermen" are well trained military personnel and never act like real fishermen. It's an old tactic used since the WWII.

  2. なさけない、当て逃げされて世界にさらして、笑いものだ。

  3. I just wondering, why people only think China "aggressive"?U should check the information about how large the ocean area these countries want to give us. if according to these countries write down "territory" ,u will find only a very small and tiny area belong to us. We would have no space of ocean. Nobody wants negotiations. They just say fuck China , China evil, China get out . It's not us bad as u think , it's you guys just want broke my country, broke our development. Broke China to 1000pice. That's what you guys want . Even if we broke, u guys has no one can survive !

  4. Japan kick out the British Colonialists from Asia, only the Indians Joins the British to kill the Slant eyed Japs ! ???

  5. Japanese gov ship with Chinese civil fishboat. LOL.
    They say China secret ship. Confounding black and white and telling lies

    At last I realized how we Chinese be insult by the powerful Japanese 100 years ago. Now we back! Prepare pay for what you have done to our people, Japanese!

  6. china are fucking uncivilized country!!! acting like they owned the world!! how idiotic this Chinese people are by ignoring the laws of the sea,, damn how i wish china will vanish on the face of the earth!!!

  7. How can you call yourself a Coast Guard and you don't even have the ability to protect yourself, much less the coast.

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