China claims successful Magnetic submarine and ship propulsion tests

China claims successful Magnetic submarine and ship propulsion tests

China claims to have successfully tested its first permanent magnet propulsion motor for vessels recently, according to the State-owned China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), which is known for manufacturing China’s first aircraft carrier and the Jiaolong submersible vessel.

The motor used in conventional submarines has the power of several megawatts, but he still cannot determine the exact power of the installed test model.

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18 thoughts on “China claims successful Magnetic submarine and ship propulsion tests

  1. While theoretically possible I'd take this claim with a huge grain of salt. Such a system would require integrated electrical generation systems of a power never seen before to achieve any useful levels of thrust.

    Its believable that china may have done some proof of concept trials but a workable weapons platform for it likely won't exist for decades.

  2. China got this new technology from hacking into the defense contractors and the pentagon by using the passcodes to AT&T servers supplied by David E. Dibble, former SVP of Platforms and Technology at Yahoo! Inc. He also hacked into financial institutions, credit unions and 90% of US Based corporations and enrich themselves with millions of dollars from stolen data from large companies. He has so far gotten away with this crime but I have all the evidence that will prove this crime and put this scumbag away for 100 years in a federal prison for treason.

  3. Yet more bollocks Chinkna are a bullshitting nation fuck off quickly,all there junk navy will be submerge in 1000feet of water

  4. If I were China Id give in to India's demands for such a small piece of land and shut the hell up, Space is the real conquest. If you get up there and take your populations with you to find worlds abundant with resources why would you want to stay in a place that is becoming over populated, Those that reach the stars become the real survivors and can live in peace building new worlds and exploring.

  5. yay they have finally made it into the 21st century, however this is 50years old cold war tech ?? One wonders what the USA has now 🙂 seeing as they kept the f117 secret for almost 60 years.

  6. Two years ago,a US satellite reported two 098 submarines were under construction using a magnetic fluid drive and a small safe pebble bed helium cooled nuclear reactor for super cavitation.Since then,China has cover the factory with a roof that can house the construction of four submarines.

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